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Where is it?? lol 2
How can I save? 1
Mistgun? 5
Few Questions? 1
How to change the big letter to a small letter (the alphabet) while entering code? 1
Four doors? 1
More Skills? 1
Makarov's First Option? 2
Select Button? 1
A Few Questions? 1
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Menu Help??? 0
Can anyone post a save file 100% or just with all characters and specials pleasee? 0
Can anyone post the list of items in Mirajane's shop? 0
Save Data? 0
Event missions? 0
Loki glitch? 0
Password help? 0
Alternate Costume? 0
Where can i get this game in the netherlands !! ? 0
What is the best strategy to defeat Sherry using Taurus? 0

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