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Author's Note: I looked high and low for a listing of the various lyrics to the
game and could not find one. So I decided to put one up of my own. As to
whether or not the full lyrics have set bonuses I've yet to discover, though if
I find concrete information about this I will upgrade this FAQ. Take care and

Version History: 2/6/12 : All main Costume Lyrics. Still working on Darkdeath

Table of Contents:

1. Original Version

2. Galaxy Magical Girl Version

3. Freakish Creature Version

4. Fantasy RPG Version

5. Junk Mech Version

6. Super Robot Version

7. Asia in the Eyes of Westerners Version

8. Dark Hero Version

9. Animal Version

10. Last Boss! Version (Coming)

Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger Theme Song Lyrics

Original Version (Dark Blue)

Someone is calling for the immortal hero.
Now hold up the V sign for Victory!

Destined for absolute victory
The password is "friendship!"

The power of justice goes
Bam! (Bababam)

Realising that love is
Zap (Zazazap!)

Your ultimate move goes
Zip zap (Zip zap)

May all these find you!
Courage! Miracles! Victory!

The burning hot gaze comes from you.

Now it's morphin' time!
You must protect everyone's future!

Crush evil with your fist of love

Finish it all off!
Fulfill your promises.

Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger

Galaxy Magical Girl Version (Pink)

Someone is calling for me to entice them.
The hickey is my calling card.

Destined to be a beautiful rose
The password is "I Love You"

With my heart beating fast
Ba-dum (Ba-dum)

Love is in the air!
My heart goes boom! (Boom)

Let's make love and
Ho-hum (Ho-hum)

May all these find you!
Love me! Kiss me! Hold me!

"I love you" is the spell of love.

Now it's morphin' time!
To protect the flower's purity.

My heart is completely pure.

Finish it all off!
Find romance.

A kiss for you, the Unlosing Ranger!

Freakish Creature Version (Purple)

Someone is calling from the depths of hell
Tears of blood, scars of hatred.

Destined to be demon spawn
The password is "despair"!

Kill them all!
Kakaka (Kakaka)

Kill everything that moves!
Heeheehee (Heeheehee)

Kill them all!
Muahaha (Muahaha)

May all these find you!
Fear! Threats! Insanity!

The fallen angel of darkness.

Now it;s morphin' time!
To defend my pride.

No mercy will be given to evildoers

Finish it all off!
This is the fate of the cursed one.

Freakish Creature, Unlosing Ranger

Fantasy RPG Version (Light Blue)

Someone is calling for the chosen hero.
The savior of the world, the mark of peace.

Secret of your birth, descendant of kings.
The passowrd is "cliche!"

Grind for experience points
Level up! (Level up!)

Tresspass into people's homes and
Kaching! (Kaching!)

Go out into the night and
Ohohoho (Ohohoho)

May all these find you!
Bugs?! Freezes?! Reset!

The evil lord who wants to rule the world!

It's morphin' time!
To fulfill your promise with the princess.

Your childhood friend is bound to betray!

Finish it all off!
But don't forget to save!

Become a legend, Unlosing Ranger

Junk Mech Version (Orange)

No one is calling for you, piece of junk hero.
The red light is the sign of an error.

Destined to be out of date
your only nickname is "junk"

Your specs are crap
Crash (Smash) *Being shocked*

Freezing all the time
Sizzle! (Sizzle!)

Reboot time!
Reseseset! (Reseseset!)

May all these find you!
Retro! Mecha! Nostalgia!

Made with nothing but used parts!

It's morphin' time!
To defend your pride as a robot.

But you actually run on electricity.

Finish it all off!
Your batteries are dying.

Thrift Store Robot Unlosing Ranger

Super Robot Version (Grey)

Someone is calling for you, warrior of steel
Fully powered with a red signal

Super Armor, Smashing Spark
Engine on full blast (GO!)

Full fire of your arsenal
Kablam! (Kaboom!)

Infinite drill!
Swirl! (Swirl)

Write your name with your sword!
Clash (Clash!)

Finish the evildoers off!
Target! Lock-on! Firrrrrrrrrrrre!

Your steel soul is deep in your heart.

It's morphin' time!
Do lay down your red hot hammer of justice

The energy of friendship that transcends time!

Now combine!
Final formation!

Iron Hero Unlosing Ranger!

Asia in the Eyes of Westerners Version (Dark Red)

Someone is calling for you, mystery of the Orient.
Sushi, kimshi, kung fu, charging spirit balls.

Destined to have that ugly hair.
But everyone wears "glasses"

Kamikaze powah!
Bansai! (Banzai!)

A punch full of qi!
Atatatata! (Atatatata)

Use the Shaolin kick and
Hooaaaaa (Hoaaaa)

May all these find you!
Ninja! Karate! Taekwondo!

Tom-yum with some Asian energy!

It's morphin' time!
To protect the Yamato Nadeshiko!

We were all born from Mt. Fuji.

Now to finish is all off!
Seasoned with teriyaki, of course

Dragon Geisha Unlosing Ranger!

Dark Hero Version (Dark Yellow)

Someone is calling on you for revenge
"Go to hell" is what you say.

Destined to be a hunter of the dark.
The password is "Kill You!"

No need for mercy!
Eye for an eye! (Eye for an eye!)

All crimes must be punished
Tooth for a tooth (Tooth for a tooth)

Never takined excuses
Death for a death (Death for a death)

Now scream, all you evildoers!
Now! Be quiet! Go to sleep!

A bloody revenge for the outlaws.

It's morphin' time!
To defend the law of darkness

You had to forsake even your one true love,

Now to finish it all off!
Thei retribution is coming!

Dark Hero Unlosing Ranger!

Animal Version (Green)

He's roaring like a beast over there.
The king of beasts. The mark of the wild.

1 million horsepower. Animal power!
The password is "Hoo hoo hoo!"

The great circle of life with
Growl! (Growl!)

Endangered species!
Chirp chirp (Chirp chirp)

Mating season
Whinny! (Whinny!)

Let this message get to the females!
Screech! Ribbit! Cockledoodledoo!

Baring fangs at evolution

It's morphin' time!
To protect your bloodline.

The males bring glory to their species!

Now to finish it all off!
Wild mating! (Mating!)

His (Bleep) is as big as a horse's!

Last Boss! Version


Thanks go out to Wolfos Worca for rekindling my love of this game ^^