Question from megaman0071234

How do u access the costume shop?

I did the 10 times prinny thing and he said it's open and to wait a while but where is it? I can't find it.


glennx77 answered:

Did u check in the facility manager? if u dont have it then u need to go to the mastery cave new heroe or something like that try to recruit some innocent or just getting to a high floor (like 30) and u will unlock it
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GunBladeHero answered:

Just save your game, get out of the game and load your saved game and it should work. Worked for me.
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Ivladarao answered:

To get access to the costume shop, or cosplay shop, you need to unlock any costume. Talking to the Prinny at the farthest edge of the base 10-20 times theoretically should work, but you also need to get a message saying you unlocked the costume.

Once you unlocked the costume, go into a mastery dungeon and find a recruit. Exit using the Caravan, which is the safest way and you should unlock it.
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