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Unlocking Characters? 1
Super Team Finishers? 3
What are the controls, mine are in jap? 2
Box weapons?? 2
Story Route? 1
Sistema.CAI?? 2
what route should I take? 2
Ad-Hoc??? 2
  • Total Answered Questions: 8
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
G codes? 2
What is mukuro g-code? 2
What zerpoint break of tsuna can do? How I use it? 2
How do i unlock XanXus, Gamma and Mukuro?? 3
Anyone finished story 100%? 3
Rokudo Mukuro's SIx Gates? 1
What do the Second Set of G-Codes do? 1
What does Natsu do? 1
How do I use Rokudo Mukuro's 6 Realms? 1
All Level 5 D-Boxes? 1

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