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Unlocking Characters?

How to unlock all characters?

rktf provided additional details:

All code i press in ady,but still gt bluebell & genkishi nt get yt
did u hav the g codes?

Accepted Answer

Vongola_XI answered:

Story modes = Yamamoto, Hibari, Ryohei, Chrome, Lambo, Lal, Basil and Dino(TYL)
G-codes = Xanxus(TYL), Squalo(TYL), Bel(TYL), Rokudo Mukuro(TYL), Gamma, Genkishi, Renji*, Rand*, Byakuran, Kikyo, Bluebell, Zakuro, Daisy and ToriKabuto.

In total, there are 24 usable characters...

G-codes can be obtained by story mode.
How to use: on the main menu, go to the last 2 options, choose the option with the G??, after that, press [_] square and key in the codes... If you're lazy enough, go to [Images] on, there will be screenshots of those codes that unlock characters...

*new characters, game only!
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