Question from narutoaddikagen

How do I beat ryuka,yomito,and taisa?

Trying evrything ican from lvl 3 attack n other lvl 8 things but it just wont work?

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mike1m answered:

It`s not so easy mission, but you can beat them. Equip al characters: protect from poison, confuse, paralyze or seal (the higher level of scroll the higher chances to win). First of all kill the litle boy(he is the weakiest enemy). Spam square on him with other characters and attack with round+triangle. When he is KO. Punish him with good combo. Remem ber one two things: lava hurts, and protect your healer. Anyway this is not the hardest mission in the game. Good luck)
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naruto_lover26 answered:

I beated them in this order. Yomito, Taisa, and then Ryuka. Dont step near the lava or u will gradually lose health. Don't worry about your teamates. They aren't affected by the lava, which really isn't fair.
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