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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I complete S+ missions?

I find it difficult. The only one I have done is the sound of bells.

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I "S" ranked the bells quest a couple of times to get some S+ rank scrolls then i was able to do the "Wolves' Dream" and "Trial of the Tenro"

My team for the setup by the time I did the other 2 of those quests was
Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura & Kakashi
Book of Attacks [Lv.5] \ __ ALL
Book of Health [Lv.5] / Had these
Amagiri secrets [Lv.4] -Sasuke \
Hidden Dream Tome [Lv.4] - Naruto > Interchangeable scrolls
Hisaka secrets [Lv.4] - Kakashi/Sakura /

Fireball Jutsu
Three-Way Shuriken
Tracking shuriken
Great Paper Bomb [Burst]

Giant Rasengan
Rasen Shuriken
Nine-tails' Power
Three-Way shuriken or Great Paper Bomb [Burst]

Medical Ninjutsu
Heaven Kick of Pain
Regenerating Tag
Life Tag

Lightning Blade
Three-Way Shuriken
Great Paper Bomb [Burst]

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