Question from rudmar696

Asked: 4 years ago

Certain ms i need help unlocking?

Freedom, Alvaaron, Providence, Hyaku Shiki please provide info?

Accepted Answer

From: gokers112 4 years ago

Freedom: Beat the story mode for SEED and use the Ail Strike with Zaft Kira 10 times
Alvaaron: Use the Alvatorre 10 times with Conners as the pilot
Providence: Use Rau's Guaiz with Rau as pilot 10 times
Hyaku Shiki: idk

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actually use aile strike 5 times will do.
But u must use it on a seed EX mission.
i recommend u using on the first EX mission.

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To get rau's guaiZ, get the development. It requires a regular guaiZ(green) and the part Revserve Magazine.
With the parts you can get rau's guaiZ and use it to get providence

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How to get Freedom :
Beat mission 18 (Owaranai Ashita he EX) + use Kira (Zaft) 5 times

That mission is EX stage, and you don't need Kira to pilot Aile Strike, easiest is to go VS battle and set the time limit to 1 minute and after 5 minutes u are done. I just got mine and I'm 100% sure.

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