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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i get Freedom/Justice/Providence/Exia?

How do I unlock these in battle mode or in network mode?

Additional details - 4 years ago

I already finished Gundam Seed Scenarios but Freedom, Justice, and Providence didn't show up . . .
Duel and the others show up but i don't want em I want Freedom . . .

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From: avenue20 4 years ago

Providence: use rau and his guaiz custom 10 times.

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Complete the stories and purchase them from the shop.

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Freedom is unlocked by completing the EX mission "Owaranai Ashita". Then use Aile Strike 10 times; that should unlock Freedom.

Exia can be unlocked after being the Gundam 00 mission called "Setsuna". This is the one where you need to fight Alejandro Corner in the Alvatore.

As for the others, I have no idea yet.

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How do you get raus guaiz? I'm using his cgue more than enough but still no custom guaiz...

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to unlock rau guaiz first buy the development plan of Guaiz Custom then equip normal guaiz with reverse magazine parts it cost 582.000 (S type) and upgrade the normal guaiz until it reach 4500 TP after that go to the shop and guaiz custom become available for sale.

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Justice: use Athrun and Aegis gundam 10 times.

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I've confirmed myself that to unlock Freedom, you need to use Aile Strike with the pilot set to Kira (in a ZAFT suit) 5 times. That is how I unlocked Freedom.

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I can't read jap and how do u unlock the ex mission owanai ashita? Is it the one wth the desert?

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IIRC, owaranai ashita e (neverending tomorrow) is SEED last stage....

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For Exia you need to finish all 00 scenario missions.
For Providence i think it's in the EX of seed missions.
For Freedom This is one of the hardest MS to unlock but finish the EX in seed and EXTRA mode where you unlock
random sorts of MS there. Also if you want how to unlock Freedom and Justice Meteor Beat the EXTRA mode
where you get to fight Freedom and Justice in METEOR mode.

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Is the seed ex one green lables? If it is then I've beaten it

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I've beaten it but I still did not unlock it

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How do u unlock extra missions?

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how do u gain TP??? and what TP really are?

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for freedom finish the ex seed missions to get the ex seed missions you buy them on the shop the last one before you get to buy the ex seed missions you need to buy the one that cost 50,000 or something in the last section of the shop then finish seed after that buy the ex seed missions (ex is not harder it is just the same only you can use your custom pilots) finish the ex missions then use aile strike with kira (zaft suit) as pilot 5 or 10 times iam not sure XD then buy freedom. now for justice use aegis with arthrun 5 or 10 times again then purchase justice justice and freedom cost 2m+ not exceeding 2m

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Already use guaiz (crueze custom) + crueze more than 10x.....
providence still not unlocked....

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