Question from kizerking

How to get all the planes dont know how get all of them?

Finish all missions in all levels but can't unlock the other planes please help?!


ninetail1412 answered:

You need to play in different difficulties. Most of them are unlocked after finishing mission on Ace mode, and some need you to get an S rank to unlock, either in hard or Ace mode.
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HenryK answered:

Not most of them needs to be in hard or Ace mode...You can unlock aircraft after finishing normal and even easy mode, Just that some of the best aircrafts are unlocked on Ace mode and have side requirement which is a rank, like Varcolac is unlocked by getting S rank in mission 21A
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F90V answered:

And yet some just needs you to play any Ace mode mission such as the XR-45 cariburn and X-02A wyvern via mission SP 01: Operation X in any mode plus Fenrir of ace combat X via Ace mode mission 21A or 21B get "S" rank (that how I got it, but I not too sure about the others who got it too) ^^
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wildfire34 answered:

Just try everything if not download a save game with it all
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MrBaur answered:

Most importantly, you need to do 21-A in Ace Mode Solo and achieve an "S" rank if you want the Varcolac unlocked. I got a S in multiplayer but the plane did not unlock. Good luck. Sulemonji in a buggaboo in Ace Mode. I get so close everytime and then FAIL.
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DrThrax009 answered:

To unlock all planes, first complete every mission on Normal mode, do this two times.
Then play hard mode, you ll get new planes. Then to get Fenrir and Varcolac finish mission 21A on Ace mode(S rank to get Varcolac and any other rank to get Fenrir). Finish mission Sp1 to get X-02 and mission Sp2 to get Falken.
In order to get all planes unlocked You need atleast 4 playthroughs.
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RX0_UNICORN answered:

For DRthrax009, honestly i dont understand. I just finish 21a in ace mode many times but the varcolac and the fenrir didnt unlock in solo mode....I need your touching answers please!!!^^
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ColaFighter answered:

just try as much missions in ALL difficulties, or if you're too lazy, just download cwcheat into your PSP, find the cheat codes for unlocking all planes, then you have'em all.
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