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Asked: 3 years ago

How can i unlock fenrir and varcolac?

alright, first i finish 21a ace mode but the fenrir was not unlocked. Second i dont know how can i unlock varcolac by finishing with an s rank in mission 21a ace mode. T_T

Additional details - 3 years ago

Honestly i dont understand. I just finish 21a in ace mode many times but the varcolac and the fenrir didnt unlock in solo mode....

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Did u play in multiplayer? To unlock fenrir and varcolac, u must played solo. Just as u said, fenrir unlocked after completing 21a in ace mode. For varcolac, u must obtain S-Rank in 21a ace mode.

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For getting S-Rank in mission 21a, keep health of San Fransisco min. 90%. In phase 2, never got shot down or retry from checkpoint. That's all.

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and in part 3, DONT CRASH

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You get Fenrir when you finish mission 21 in Hard Difficulty and you get the Varcolac when you get an S rank in mission 21 in Ace Difficulty.

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Actually,I got them both from multiplayer.make sure your doing mission 21a and not need to get an S rank for sure on ACE difficulty.

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