Question from starattack45

Is the PSP version the same as the WII?

I'm planning on getting it on PSP and i was wondering
if it is the same as the WII like all characters,everything the same.

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nod97 answered:

I have both. They are quite different actually. The Wii version is far more intense with loads of guys coming at you all at once. There is also more flexibility on which levels you choose to play. Not so with the PSP version it is very linear. I am also finding the PSP version a bit buggy at the moment. Have spent ages on one level just trying to do a very big jump over a chasm and it is just not happening, I think it may be a bug.
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EliteError answered:

Well everything character is the same in each game, but the levels may be different, and the graphics would be different.
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klm11 answered:

nod97 - I've also got the big jump problem...have you found a solution?
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PSninja3 answered:

Psp version sucks
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