Question from nuggettime

Asked: 4 years ago

Will it be out in America?

I'm sure tons of people are wondering cause I know I am. Any info on wether it will be in the states or not...

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From: gameking92 4 years ago

I've read that the name Monster Hunter Freedom 3 has already been registered

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As is already stated, freedom 3 is already registered. As official info goes capcom has said nothing but I can be almost 100% certain that it will be announced for the US once the japanese version has been released

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OMG. I hope you are right, i so wish you are. I love this game soooo much. but if the title freedom 3 is already being registered then like beetey, and gameking92 said it sounds like the the odds are in U.S's court. i certainly should jope so

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It dated to on aug 2011

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According to some website, they say that a japan region game (especially capcom and ect) usually release their game for USA / EUR version 8 months after the japan region, so HyperJonas is right, it has 70% release chance on August 2010, maybe, just maybe on Aug 1st 2010.

Just hope it will be released sooner T_T

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It will be 8 month after japan release, just wait for little long you guys
Capcom will not disapoint monster hunter Fans

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