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Where can I find Ancient Shark Skin?

Have any ideas where to find / what monster should i kill to get this thing? Desperately need it for the barbarian sword.

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qwerty557 answered:

Its sharqskin I think and its found by sending your cats on a quest to the Deserted Island via that Gauga. Its a very rare item still and to increase your chances use higher level cats and and use the higher * quests you will find it very hard to get it if you do the 1* and 2* quests. The D. Island quests are the one with the blue mountain. The 3* quest is a Rathian.
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GreatMasamune answered:

It's really rare.. If you really want to get it in an a bit easy way.. Just get to HR 6 and then send your flyne with high lvl (around 18-20) to mountain stream area( the monster are rathalos and rathian).. I don't know if you can get it from other place ,but this is the only way I can get ancient sharkskin..
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petiks818 answered:

Its a rare part of jhen mhoran...
in low rank its quite hard to get 1...
High rank jhen mhoran will give you a good chance for getting a Ancient Shark Skin...
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