Question from vintping

Where can I find (Carpenter Bug)?

Any Place i can find carpenter bugs

JinougaSlayer asked for clarification:

You can get the Carpenterbug everywhere especially at the Yukumo Farm at the Bug Trapper and Bug Catapult For Felynes


judeparong answered:

Mountain stream map. :)
go to and look for the map of mountain stream. :)
you can also get carpenter bugs by harvestin them at your farm if you have the black insect incense already.

hope i helped you out. :)
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sasukefan01234 answered:

Mountain Stream area 1,7 and 9 you may have to do several runs to get the desired number of bugs
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7thKings answered:

Yeah it on stream it easy! :D
Pulse u also can use on bug trap :D
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www004 answered:

At every bug catch spot.
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xxzeromasterxx answered:

Go to
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MHP3MELA answered:

You can find them in the forest, stream, and farm. Use black bug perfume then fertilize it with hypnotic pollen:)
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mycousinvinnie answered:

Mountain stream, farm
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djinn_444 answered:

Mountain stream at the very top of the map and in the farm
Make sure you have a black bug insencse
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Taralog answered:

Catch it in Yukumo farm
use black prefume to lure it
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Taralog answered:

I mean perfume
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Stereborg answered:

There are a lot of ways to catch or obtain one . . . Just like the following :

[1] The FARM! go to the cat that always rests near a triangular thing, tlak to it and then choose "Black Bug Perfume" and be sure to use some items like: "Honey" and "Hypnotic Pollen" with these items you can have a higher chance of having/catching a "Carpenter Bug" . . .

[2] The QUESTS! Well, just when you can see several lights wanders around at certain spots, these are the spots where you can catch different kinds of bugs. When you are at "High Rank Quests" you'll have better catches of bugs

[3] The QUEST REWARDS! Hmmmmm, these are very rare quests rewards they can be only obtained on "Gathering Quests".

If you have any other questions, just ask again . . .
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Marrionette92 answered:

No,your way is hard.Try your luck with leather armor set,bring a lot of bugnets,and bugnet at either mountain stream,flooded forest or at your own farm
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