Question from Jo53THEpsyco

Asked: 4 years ago

What new stuff does the game have like envirment,etc...?

what new envirment, Weapon type, new stuff are in the villages, new kind of stores in the villages,etc...?

Accepted Answer

From: whitefata12 4 years ago

environment?hardly hard to understand
weapon type has now 12 types,new weapon,switch/slash axe,new weapon moves,long sword added its spirit burst one slash ended in adding sharpness,bow 2 charge can now fling upward by pressing o,sword can now whip its shield,heavy bowgun can use a balista like fire,press at the same time triangle and o,it cant move,light bowgun added new feature,the dash left and right!fire then press x right or left,lance can whip up and charge,gunlance reload faster,just fire and then press again o,or you can connect again it with triangle+o,then press o...don't miond saying all to you cause it was hard,find for your self
for more info

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Go find out for yourself. There's too much to tell you.

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