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Where can I find Nargacuga Marrow and carbalitte ore?

Is this sort of like the ratholos plate and its really rare?
And can carbalitte or be obtained at HR1?

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BloodPrince17 answered:

Try fighting Narcuga in Hotspring quests. I got 2 from it. Its easy to get it there. Your going to kill 3 Narcugas. Their power is village rank but their HP is from High Rank, not sure anyway but I believe their as easy as Village Rank.

Carbalite Ore can ONLY be obtained from High Rank.
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jotun_of_greed answered:

it's rarity level isn't on par with rathalos plate and stuff IIRC, you can get them as soon as you met a low rank narga. but fighting a high rank one would be better.

and no, carbalite can only be obtained after you got into high rank quests. which means that you should at least be at HR4. afterward, higher quality ores will be available at the farm as well.
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airland18 answered:

just got 1 Narga Marrow. Killed Narga about 8~10 times at the 4 start guild quest . I lost count. Always talk to the piggy. Not sure but i think it raises your luck and make sure to break it's tail(break and cut if you like).
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youandmeallthe answered:

Where to find a carbalite ore and a ancient sharkskin
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sobaka33 answered:

BloodPrince17 is absolutely right!
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J_Hey_see answered:

Clear the drink quest(fight 3 narga consecutively) use can get 1- 3 per run
as for carbalite you can have it if you have a mining point +2 in your farm
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vengoz answered:

To Get Carbalite Ore
You need to get to High Rank or (HR 4)
Then just mine the third spot in the farm

For Narga, just kill it. =D

P.S I'm a newbie, just reached 100th hour =D
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bloodmoon808 answered:

You can sometimes get Carbalite ore from the 2nd mining point in farm :)
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jikyusi answered:

There is a higher chance of getting Nargacuga Marrow by cutting their tails and loot it.
For every 10 narga tails i got 3-4 narga marrow. So, the chances are about 30-40%, but that might be just me getting lucky. The chances are getting higher if you do it with a high rank Nargacuga.

For Carbalite ore, you can get a lot of them by playing a high rank mission. You can even get a lot from your mine if you upgrade them. Don't even try to get them on low rank mission because it's impossible.
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pinkfloydX0 answered:

Mixed results I farmed narga about 20 times and got not 1 narga marrow then tried the hot spring quest and got 2. As for carbalite ore you can in fact get it at low rank i have gotten 4 it is quite rare but with mine point +2 you will get it this is a fact. So in the end narga marrow is easiest in the hot spring quest and carbalite ore is obtainable at low rank with mine point +2.
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sora2197 answered:

To get Nargacuga marrow.. you can just simply fight a 5* village quest... But you should Drink Lucky Yogurt.. you can get it from the first drink quest... Carbalite ore ? Hmmm.. I think it's possible at mining point+2.. I got mines from that... hope i helped
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Kizrat answered:

Nargacuga marrow % is very low. All the above is telling where to get it but theres a tactic to get em.
There a low % if you broken the tail. If you lucky enough, you can cut those tail and try to carve it. After the tail is cut, try to capture it. The best quest is in the drink, 3 Nargacuga in a row. So theres a 3x chance to get from tail and theres a higher % to get as reward if u capture all three Nargacuga.
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MHP3MELA answered:

I get marrows by killing nargacuga in a short time. I get at least 2 sometimes:)

I've no idea were to find carbalite ore:(
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Kamen_Rida555 answered:

For a narga marrow i think fighting him at high rank is better because i dont think u can get it from him at a low rank and the carbalite ores high rank mining or mining at the farm or the mining cart.
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cybuster100 answered:

You can get narga marrow by capturing it. although, the people here are right. its % is low. and carbalite ore, if you're still low rank, try the mining cart, give your felynes any kind of pickaxe, and hope that when they mine the ore, the mine will explode because they mined too much ore. i got my carbalite ore their. very rare.
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Dragon_J_64 answered:

ptf... i get narga marrows from cutting it's tail off and, as the above says, get carbalite ore from mining spots once you hit hr4. Hope this helped.
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HeromediEvil_08 answered:

Narga marrows are obtainable from hotspring quest Carbalite ore is Just HR:4 And its on the farm
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cybuster100 answered:

Carbalite ore is rare and only earned through mining point +2 in farm, or from mining cart. Narga marrow can be obtained either by cut off tail and carve or cut off tail and capture.
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Tomomichan answered:

It's to get Narga Marrow from the Drink Quest where you will fight 3 Nargas consecutively. Carbalite ores can easily be mined in Flooded Forest.
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djinn_444 answered:

I dont know know how to get nargacuga morrow but i know how to get carbalite ore send your cats in a quest (3 star) in the mountain stream p.s. the cats should be lvl 18 -20 or add a mining spot +2 in your farm i got 2 carbalite ore from it and 5 on the cats.
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djinn_444 answered:

Also Im only hr 3 but i have a carbalite great sword
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