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Asked: 4 years ago


In MHFU, there is a offline high-rank, and a ad-hoc G-Rank. Are these in MHP3 as well?

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From: jashinsamael 4 years ago

G-rank only available on Monster Hunter 'extension' known as 'G', like Monster Hunter Portable G (have no international release, which is G / extension of MH Portable/Freedom), Monster Hunter Portable 2ndG (international release known as MHFU, which is G / extension of MH Portable 2nd/Freedom 2), and not so soon to be come Monster Hunter Portable 3rdG

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Monster hunter originate at japan
mhfu comes from the US,and mhfu is the english version of mhp2ndg(monster hunter portable 2nd Generation)meaning 2nd generation or new generation...
and there is no upcoming news about new monster hunter

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