Question from 12johnmarvin34

What is the best weapon and armor?

I'am hr 4 and 6 star village quest. what is the best weapon and armor to use on other quest?

TheSvenzy asked for clarification:

That is a REALLY vague/broad question. How do you like to hunt? What's your favourite weapon type? Which monsters are you trying to hunt? You need to be a lot more specific.

In general, any armor that boost affinity is good, and High-Grade earplug is handy aswell...


ironchainz answered:

I can only answer when you have DS the best armor...........I think barioth and weapon is DEVILJHO DS FTW!!!!
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ICBM_16 answered:

The answear depends on how YOU like to hunt. Me im an offence oriented gunner. And there will never be a perfect weapon to use in MH because then every one would use it. But a good all-around weapon is the SnS. But it's still not a perfect choice.
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TalonXfirePC answered:

All just depends on what you are hunting and what YOU feel most comfortable hunting with really.
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EXPERT_Capcom answered:

I agree with TalonXfirePC, the best weapon is the best weapon you are good at using. For me the best weapon would be a long sword and bow, I really suck with the other weapons such as switch axe and the Great swords.
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