Question from samarriane

aa. Where can I find Swallowtail?

I have one swallowtail.. I dont know where I found that..


Rasengan_X answered:

You can get them from the bug tree. They're usually listed last in the result box.
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xxzeromasterxx answered:

You get it by bug tree sending 4 felynes
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Crypt96 answered:

i do not have the bug tree yet but i do rarely get Swallowtail from the Shell Bug purfume while using Hallucenetic Pollen. it is rare but that is the only way for me to get it so far. every 2-3 quests that i do i usually get 1 or 2 if im lucky..

now on a NOT so lucky day i do 4-7 quests and i only get 1 if not any... sorry dude they are just hard to get...
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artgenius10 answered:

Its easy to get swallowtails from farm when you reached village elder level 3, 4 and so on...., and also you can obtain those in/at the bug trap, just use the shell bug perfume....., works well with me and my brother...
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cybuster100 answered:

You can get them at the bug tree. If you have enough jumping power, your 4 felynes will fly into the top parts of the tree, and start moving the nets.Usually shows up with either King Scarab, or Rare Scarab.
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salamence71 answered:

Fell i got a hundred of them when i was at the yukumo farm
First i went to that felyne with the bug perfumes
Then i added shell bug perfume (u get it at the renovator out of the farm for 5000 points)
And add some hypnotic pollen (u get them when u plant herbs it will randomly show up)
But if u dont want to do these things just get a bug see saw (which u get from the renovator for 7000 points)
If u want to get easy yukumo points just go to tundra and u must have these items:book of combos 1,2,3,10 snakebee larva,10 mega fishing flies and golden fish bait
The go fish with ur golden fish bait and get some brocade fish bcs they cost a lot of points.Hope it helped!
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allenwalker405 answered:

use hi bug perfume or shell bug one then give them honey or hypnotic pollen. You'll have to repeat this several times until you get one.But, you must beat guild quest and level up your Hunter rank(HR) until you unlock them. And you'll need yukumo points of course!
easier way without Y points payment: buy bug seesaw-high rank quests-try to get exellent score and you'll get one in no time :D hope this help,if not im sorry for wasting your time!
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