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Download quests??

Can anyone give me a link on where I can download quests.


BIazeX answered:

Its on the game starting menu, The word 'downloads' i think.
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BIazeX answered:

sorry, If your game is in Japanese, its the 2nd last choice on the starting menu. I patched mine to English >.<
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SiegBlaze answered:

If your talking about downloading an event quest without internet connection,you can download it from here Before you start you need the following.
1:PSP(version does not matter unless the usb plug is not broken and can be readen.)
2:USB cable(any usb cable that can be sticked to the psp and the pc you downloaded the file.)*(quality does not matter)
3:Memory Stick(You need it!)(must have some memory above 5mb.)
4:the link:========>h t t p:// down until you found
1st:first go turn your psp to usb mode.(it's in the option menu where you can edit some settings)
2nd:Plug in your usb to the psp and the pc 3rd:download the file 4th:open Remove disk:D>PSP>SAVEDATA
5th:extract the file,open the folder and take the ULJM05800QST.(must be the 2nd one or else psp read it as broken file!)
6th:Go play MHP3rd and go to the guild,select Event quest wait for loading select the quest you want to play!
7th:Happy Hunting!
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