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Asked: 4 years ago

How Do I Play Online In Monster Hunter Portable 3rd?

I need A Full Explanition Of How To Play Online WorldWide For MHP3rd.....PLEASE T_T..........

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Ok Thanks Guys

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Think there's no online worldwide

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You should find it yourself at google because the explanation is to long.. Find Xlink Kai using Usb cable or WiFi MAX at google.. That's the only way to play online

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If you have a psp3. You can do the Ad Hoc thing. Look up on youtube how How to use and download Ad Hoc

You have to make a japaness PSN account but lats easy too.
The thing is that its sometimes hard to find some1 who speaks English lol

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Download xLink Kai follow a tutorial to set it up; you can just use a usb if you don't want to buy the right networking device. Once you have done all that you can play with anyone using xLink Kai.

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If you have a ps3 you can use ad hoc party if not you need to use xlink Kai

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legit UMD? PS3 Ad hoc party
cfw? Xlink

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I wanna ask :)
if I play in psp how to online ?
use USB or UMD or what ?
and how to use that ?

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Have caution. psp-applications/3564-play-xlink-kai-using-your-usb-cable.html

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Just search for Xlink Kai . . .

Here's a video :

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You need a PS3, download the japanese form of Ad-Hoc party (It is the best way to get MHP3rd players.) Connect your PS3 via Ethernet cable to internet, without ethernet cable it will not work, then begin the Ad-hoc, find MHP3rd in the selection (Only Japanese ad-hoc has a selection.) Join the world A1 or B1 in the japanese one because theres that many people playing it, Look for a house of your favor, go into it. If your psp will not connect, connect it wired to ur ps3 via the cord that charges your remote, it should work without it but maybe you might have to sync your pplaystation portable

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