Question from BabYRobO

Asked: 4 years ago

Long sword?

Please guys tell the best water attribute longsword.

Accepted Answer

From: qwerty557 3 years ago

Well there are four water long swords and for the purpose of best i am gussing you are high rank.
1.The Royal Ludorth longsword. The final upgrade is with armor sphere 205 attk. 27 water and it also has +12 defence however there are far better weapons.
2.Mackeral Blade with armor sphere its attk is 175 and water attrb. is 40 this is the highest water attribute you can get with a LS but it has poor attack and low sharpness.
3.Barbarian Blade 'shark cutter' this has a lower attrib. of 25 compared to Royal Ludroth but it has slightly better attack and much better sharpness.
4. And of course the amatsu LS Evil Blade 'Flood *something*(cant translate)' has the highest attk at 255 and also has good sharpness but it has minus affinity and is very hard to farm for.
So its your choice, oh and number two looks like a shark!

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