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?How can i Make of Find Mega JUICE! plss help! 2
A Good HighRank HeavyBowGun Armor Needed? 1
aa. Where can I find Swallowtail? 7
About charsms/ talismans?.. 3
Are there any glitch other than scrap glitch? 2
Are there any missable Items from NPC? 3
Barbarian Blade Shark Cutter? 1
Best armor for Gunlance? 1
Best village quest to get Rathalos Plate? 2
Black tigrex weapons?? 5
Bone katana "fang"? 2
Can anyone tell my item needed to make the Pumpking armor ? 1
Can i cut mohran tail? 3
Can someone help me about monster texture hack? 1
Can't create barbarian blade? 1
Can't plant power or armor seed? 4
Coating?? 1
Cutter Jewel? 1
Diablos Marrow? 1
Easiest way to get a giginox claw? 2
Easiest way to get large bones in 3* village other than killing Qurupeco? 3
Easy Enhance Sphere+ Farming? 3
Easy pokke/yakumo? points 4
Event quest list? 1
Golden Rathian helm/cap ? 1
Hey guys can a bow still cut off tails? 5
How can i buy enhance stones? 2
How can I get black diablos ridge and black twisted horn?? 1
How can i get rusted great sword? 2
How can I make Atea s armour? 2
How to be able to make jinouga helmet? 2
How To Get Anguush P In Mhp3 If There Is ? 1
How to get jhen moran jewel...? 6
How to unlock onslaught jewel? 1
I need tips hunting horn weapon? 2
Is Dobu's Longsword worth the cost ? 2
Is quake gigas hammer good?? 2
Is There a Easier Way to Find ancient Shark Skin? 4
Is there a rathalos BOW and how do i get it? 1
Is there a rathalos switch axe? 3
Is there a such thing as a Rathalos Blazesword? 3
Is there an armor set with fast charge on it? 3
Is there an easier way of getting a rathalos ruby? 10
Is there any silver rathalos weapon? 5
Is there any way to increase the max number of items I can carry per quest? 2
Is there inuyasha armor????? 2
Jewel? 1
jinouga LS? 3
Juvenile Sponge, Ludroth or Royal Ludroth? 2
Lance? 2
Most powerful water weapons? 1
My felyne brought back a rustshard from a comrade quest? 4
Need help on aoashira leg gear ? 2
Switch axe recommendations? 1
The best set in the game beside deviljho set? 6
Tickets from dual Jinouga downloadable quest? 1
Tigrex hammer? 2
Weapon equalization?!?! 4
Whai armor should i use for a switch axe user? 2
What are Pickaxe Shrooms used for? 4
What is Rust/Anicnet Shard? 4
What is the perfect armor and weapon for comrade cat? 3
What items can be traded in Guild Hall to another Hunter? 1
Whats the best gunlance for hr4? 1
Whats the cat near the pool area sells anyway ? 2
Whats the strongest hammer? (neural dmg) 2
When is monster hunter 3g released? 1
Where can I find "IT"? 1
Where can I find (Altarth Scraps+)? 3
Where can I find (barioth spike and doboberku tail?)? 3
Where can I find (Carpenter Bug)? 12
Where can I find (CHARM / TALISMAN)? 2
Where can I find (dark metal)? 1
Where can I find (Doboru Tailbone)? 2
Where can I find (earth dragongem)? 3
Where can I find (Fire Wyvern Claws)? 1
Where can I find (Gigginox Claw and Uncanny Hide)? 2
Where can I find (giginox claw)? 5
Where can I find (Hercudromes)? 2
Where can I find (igneous thorax, dragonite ore,hapuruboka claw)? 1
Where can I find (Jinouga Horn )? 7
Where can I find (Killer bettle)? 5
Where can I find (knife)? 4
Where can I find (mohran brace)? 2
Where can I find (monster parts with a +)? 2
Where can I find (narga marrow and jinouga jewel)? 1
Where can I find (pleural membrane)? 1
Where can I find (poison gland)? 2
Where can I find (Rangurotora Belly)? 3
Where can I find (Ripened mushrooms)? 2
Where can I find (sapphire fang)? 2
Where can I find (Sharp Fang)? 11
Where can I find (sharp monster bone)? 2
Where can I find (SM MONSTER BONE)? 2
Where can I find (snakebee larva)? 1
Where can I find (The Boss Armor)? 2
Where can I find (the orange monster mat for high rank jhen legs)? 1
Where can I find (tigrex helmet)? 1
Where can I find a blue cutthroat? 1
Where can I find a Bnahabra Carpce? 2
Where can I find a great jaggi head? 2
Where can I find a jewel with Force Out +3? 2
Where can I find a net? 6
Where can I find a Sharp Bone? 2
Where can I find a ton of farm points? 7
Where can I find a translated longsword tree guide and a double blade guide? 2
Where can I find altarth abodmen?? 2
Where can I find ancient fish? 7
Where can I find bird wyvern gem? 1
Where can I find commendation G? 3
Where can I find Crystal Bones? 1
Where can I find Dengeki G Ticket? 1
Where can I find Dephalite ore? 1
Where can I find Deviljho Drool? 3
Where can I find Divine DragonGem? 1
Where can I find dragonbone relic? 2
Where can I find earthdragongem? 3
Where can I find FireWyvernMarrow? 2
Where can I find flintstone? 7
Where can I find Giant bone? 4
Where can I find golden egg? 8
Where can I find hvy enhance sphere? 2
Where can I find item for Amatsu top? 3
Where can I find items for pumpkin armor? 4
Where can I find jinouga gem? 4
Where can I find Large Monster Bones? 2
Where can I find lightcrystal?! 3
Where can I find majestic hornor twisted horn? 4
Where can I find med monster bone? 1
Where can I find Molten Rock(溶岩塊)? 5
Where can I find Monster Bone+? 2
Where can I find Monster Hardbone / Hard Monster Bone? 2
Where can I find Nebula boots? 1
Where can I find Quality Abdomen and King Scarab? 2
Where can I find Quality Fin? 1
Where can I find Rathian plate at Low Rank? 3
Where can I find Saphire Fangs? 2
Where can I find Scatternut ? 3
Where can I find Stout Bone & Zuwaroposu hide+? 2
Where can I find Swordman Book? 2
Where can I find the bone for Rangurotora? 4
where can I find the red ore for making low rank jinouga gunlance?? 2
Where can I find the resources for rangurotora gunlance? 2
where can i find the ruststone in MHP3rd? 2
Where can I find these bugs? 5
Where can I find wyvern stone? 4
Where can I find/ How can I make Power Extract??? 3
Where can I make weapon,armor,and helmet for my comrades? 2
Which Great Sword is the best dragon slayer? 2
Why Can't I Make Anymore Felyne Armors or Weapons? 3
Why Can't I Make Anymore Felyne Armors or Weapons? *Details Inside* 4
Will a high grade armor difference? 4

Other Help Answers
Why my game keep crashing? 0
Any Emulator that run this game smoothly? 1
Anyone know japanese? please helpme translate this.. 1
Are there like a Specific Quest to hear Monster Hunter's Theme Song ? 3
Armor for Bow? 2
Armor skill? 1
Attacking a monster? 1
Best Switch Axes? 3
Can anybody give a cool savedata? 2
Can Anyone Tell Me all The Skills for armours?(Mine is jap ver cant read) 1
Can i get a cheat please? 3
Can the Japanese Version be use with the US Adhoc party? 2
Can you swim in this? 2
Can You Tell Me a good low rank armor&weapon set(Gunner-bow) to defeat jhen mohran? 2
Could Anyone Suggest Me A Good Set Of Armors? 6
Custom firmware ? 2
Decent 5 slot skill? 1
Decorations (jewel)? 4
Do you think...? 3
Does the Felyne boomerang improve? 2
Does the Poogie Pig give Attributes to the character in the game? 1
Doubt? 1
Download quest.? 2
Download quests?? 3
Download? 3
EAU or certain elemental (Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice, Dragon+1/+2) ? 1
Elemental weapons? 3
Elements and Status? 1
English Patch question? 1
English? 1
Expansion pack? 3
Extra area on Tundra? 2
Felyne drink skills? 2
Felyne max level? 1
Felyne quest? 2
Game request -save game request,,,, can someone do it? 3
Hard rathalos? 1
Having problem loading my save game. how can i fix this? 2
Hellish Flame Dancer or Silver Wyven Longsword? 1
Help me. My playing time suddenly increase to 1800 hours++??? 4
Hi-Rank Rathalos? 2
how can i create a new game but still RETAIN ALL my equipments, items, and money? 1
How can i get the ancient skin??? 1
How can i insert the event quest i made? 1
How could I change the color of my Armour if I am already a Hr4 hunter and I've got high-rank armor already? 3
how do i hired MAKI felyne that i already download? 2
How Do I Play Online In Monster Hunter Portable 3rd? 11
How i can unlock the mine 3? 1
How in the name of sweet momma black jesus does xlinkai work? 1
How to create MGS armor? 1
How to do xlinkkai onmy ps vita? 1
How to get comrades skill point? 2
How to go multiplayer with ppsspp and psp portable? 1
How to I update game and get the sharqskin and deviljho? 1
How to make ez shock traps and ez pitfall traps? 2
How to make felyne cat mgs armor? 2
How To Put Monster hunter 3rd Download Save Data In GameFaqs? 1
How to use shock trapper skill of my comrade? 1
How to use the saves from gamefaqs? 1
HR5 gunner armor recommendations? 2
I can't unlock Rhenoplos egg! (drink quest)? 2
I cant find the demo on psn can someone help me? 1
Import? 1
Importing ? 1
Is there a good guide to playing in japanese? 2
Is there a pawn or a bishop talisman that can help? 1
Is this going to be on vita? 1
Is this the last monster hunter game series for psp? 1
Is thr anyway 2 play dis game without waiting 4 it 2 cum out in da us? 1
Jinouga Armor and Dual sword? 2
LS Spirit Combo? 3
Monster log help? 2
Monster name appear ????? in guild card. need help please. 2
Narga help? 2
Need link to download demo??? 2
Online? 1
Option to change language? 2
Played it review it? 1
Pretty girl vanishing? 2
punishing draw on GS? 2
Question regarding elemental damage? 1
Regarding monster sizes? 2
Rust/Anicnet Shards? 3
Should I buy a psp to try and get this game (wait 4 eng ver) if it means i lose tri ? 1
So this game already came out in Japan, does the Dec. 21 means americas release date or what? 1
Someone know cheats monster hunter portable 3rd and how put the cheats to psp ? 2
Stockton, CA Hunters? 1
Switchaxe help? 4
There will be more games on psp monster hunter? 1
Upgrading Low Rank Armor to High Rank? 1
Us release any time soon? 1
Vita capability?... 1
What are the effects of the cat skills ? 1
What are the good armour sets for sword and shield? 1
What are the import benefits? 1
What Does Awaken Do In This Game? 1
What does Felyne Brotherhood do? (also skiver and hunter) 1
What does rainbow crystal do? 3
What does the Man/Felyne at the camp, do? 1
What does the rapid fire skill do for gunners? 3
What is a good all purpose set of high rank gunning armour? 1
What is heroics? and Where can i get it? 2
What is the best Strategy for fighting 2 monsters at a time? 12
What Is The Exhaust Effect For? 2
What is the highest hunter rank? 2
What is the meaning of second section to import data from monster hunter portable2nd g? 2
What is Volatile Locale??? 3
What wep is better? higher raw with lower EA or lower raw with higher EA? 4
What's the fastest way to obtain lots of Monster Fluid? 6
Whats better MHFU or MHP3rd? 3
When is the us release? 3
When those this come out in us? 3
When will it come out in usa? 2
When will this come out in usa? 2
When? 2
Where can i download Quests? 3
Where can I find "Mining Cart" or something like that? 2
Where can i find easy thunderbugs? 3
Where can i get Union ore? 2
Why i Cant Play monster hunter i cant load my game? 2
Will a US version of this game ever be out? 2
Will this game be released in europe and if so when? 2
Will this game be released on the English PSN store? 3
WTF capcom? 2
Yukumo temple axe vs. Soulbreaker? 1

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