China Team by MHall

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From: (Lord BBH)
Subject: [KoF '95] China Team FAQ 1.0  (1/2)
Date: 21 Feb 1996 03:56:16 -0500

                  The Unofficial Guide/FAQ to playing Team China
                           in King of Fighters '94/'95

                                 written by BBH
                                  Version 1.00

All Information in this FAQ is Copyright 1996 Matt Hall.

All Information provided in this FAQ is free and should not be used as a
source of profit. Please credit the author if you plan on using
from this. (this means you too, EGM)


1.0  (2-20-96) - More info, special move descriptions added, Strategies
added, a couple corrections.

0.1  (2-12-96) - A "bare bones" version of the Guide, mainly written up to
get the format and sections in. Many parts still missing but will soon be


1. Introduction

      1.1. Introduction to the FAQ
      1.2. Introduction to Team China

2. The Moves

      2.1. Differences between '94 and '95
      2.2. Normal Moves
      2.3. Special Moves
      2.4. Combos

3. Strategies

      3.1. General Strategies
      3.2. Vs. CPU Strategies

4. Other Stuff

      4.1. Dialogue and Ending
      4.2. Things to come
      4.3. Acknowledgments

*1. Introduction*

*1.1. Introduction to the FAQ*

Hello! You know what this is, so I guess I should get around to explaining
why I wrote this.

First off, as you can probably guess, China Team is far and away my
team in both '94 and '95. Why? I really don't know. It must be because
they're a pretty unique team... two young fighters and a funny old guy.
since I try to avoid using characters that are overused by everyone else,
and no one ever used China in '94 (or USA for that matter, but that's a
different story...) I gave them a few tries, and I really felt connected
them. The first time I played '95 I picked an unedited Team China since it
felt good to play them again, plus I wanted to see their improvements.

Why have I written up a FAQ just for using this team, when there are no
other "personalized" FAQs for KoF? Well, seeing how so many people do
individual character guides for Samurai Shodown, I decided to do one for a
different game, in an attempt to help those using the best  ^_^  team in
game. So basically this Guide/FAQ is to try to get more people to give
a chance. Many people complain that China Team is weak... maybe in '94,
they're not bad at all in '95. All I can say is, give em a few tries, use
this if you have any questions! GO TEAM CHINA!

NOTE: All info in this FAQ is intended for King of Fighters '95. Most of
these strategies should apply to '94 too, but not all.

*1.2. Introduction to Team China*

The three fighters that make up Team China are Athena Asamiya, Sie Kensou,
and Chin Gentsai. (in Japan, Sie Kensou is called Shii Kensu and Chin
is called Chin Genzai) Athena and Sie both come from an old SNK game
Psycho Soldier. Psycho Soldier was a horizontally-scrolling platform game,
which came out sometime around the year 1986. Basically it was a
shooter with a twist - Athena could transform into a Phoenix, and Sie into
a Dragon (also explains the names of some of their moves). Some of the
enemies were robots saying "Athena, Athena", and the game's song is very
similar to the one sung in the CD version of KoF '94, same words and
everything. All in Japanese of course, except for the final part, "Fire...
fire... Psycho Soldier...". Definitely an awesome tune.

Athena is 18 years old, Sie is 19, and Chin is 85 (at least, this is how
they are in '95. Take off a year for '94). Athena's a perky schoolgirl,
a young fighter with a big appetite, and Chin's their master, who finds it
hard to resist his delicious Sake. Although the voices for Sie and Chin
the same in '94 and '95, the voice actress for Athena in '95 is definitely
not as good as the '94 one.

Another interesting note is that in the CD version of King of Fighters
Team China is the only team to have a "Special" little bonus after the
ending. When it shows the credits, you get a bonus song sung by Athena,
it shows her singing with Sie playing guitar and Chin playing the drums!
another reason you've gotta like this team!  :)

-Athena Asamiya-

"No one's going to take my place as a superstar fighting babe!"
Fighting Style - WuShu
Opening Pose - Throws off her schoolgirl outfit yelling "Athena,
(Athena, ready!)
Taunt (B+C) - Yawns, stretches out, and rubs her eye.
'94 Pose - Jumps up and down a few times, raises her hand saying "Yatta!
(Yeah! I did it!)
'95 Pose - Snaps her fingers and gives the "Peace" sign saying "Yay!
Kampeki!" (Yay! Perfect Win!)

-Sie Kensou-

"Athena, just sit back and watch my stuff!"
Fighting Style - Variation of WuShu
Opening Pose - Eats a rice ball, and says something  (??)
Taunt - Runs his hand through his hair, saying "Nani yatten nen?" (what're
you doing?)
'94 Pose - Does a back flip and says "Yo! Yatta ze!" (Yeah!)
'95 Pose - Turns his back to the player and waves his finger at the loser,
saying "Mada mada shugyo ga tarin na!" (You're not there yet, or You need
to practice more!)

-Chin Gentsai-

"I'm coming home a winner, honey!"
Opening Pose - Hiccups and does a couple arm bends over his head.
Fighting Style - Drunken Monkey Fist (variation of Kung Fu)
Taunt - Puts hand up to forehead and says "Doko ka doko ja?" (Where is
'94 Pose - Drinks from his jug and hiccups.
'95 Pose - Skips across the screen, mumbling or singing something.

*2. The Moves*

*2.1. Differences between '94 and '95*

Ok, to many people, the changes between '94 and '95 might not be so
Thus the reason this section is included. Each one of these changes
what makes them different in '95.

Athena Asamiya
   New voice actress.  :P
   Last kick in C Phoenix Arrow ACTUALLY combos now.
   Got the Psycho Sword.
   A MUCH improved Desperation! (see General Strategies)

Sie Kensou
   Gained the Dragon Talon Tear.
   Got two new overhead attacks.
   A new standing D kick that's much more effective.

Chin Gentsai
   Lost the Sake Spit (always seemed like only the CPU used it
   Got the Burning Sake Belch spin move.
   A shorter delay when doing the Thunder Blast (which does TOO much
                                                        when blocked)
   Jumping C, Standing D no longer combos.  :(

*2.2. Normal Moves*

Move descriptions to be added later.

Interruptable Moves for each character

-Athena Asamiya-

Standing Close A,C,D (first hit)
Crouching A,B,D

-Sie Kensou-

Standing Close B,C,D
Standing Far C (how come I never knew about this?!? must not have noticed)
Crouching A,B,D

-Chin Gentsai-

Standing Close A,B,C,D
Standing Far C
Crouching A,B,C

All Standing CD's are interruptable as well too, of course.


C Throw - Tosses opponent over her head with one hand. Recovers fairly
D Throw - Same as C Throw

Athena also has an air throw done by pushing any direction plus C when
are close in the air.

C Throw - Places palm on opponent and fires a psychic blast into them,
knocking them flat on their back.
D Throw - Does a back toss that tosses them all the way across the screen.

C Hold - Jumps up to their head and begins force-feeding them sake.
D Throw - Tosses them the other way with his legs.


Athena - Push Down + D in the air to do her butt attack. What this is good
for, I still don't know... other than humiliating the opponent... :)

Sie - Push Forward + C for his first overhead attack, a smash with both
hands. Doesn't knock down, but it must be blocked high.
Push Forward + D for his other overhead attack, a short leaping kick.
down, plus is faster than the other overhead, with more range (so why
you want to use the other one in the first place?)

*2.3. Special Moves*

(all movements, of course, assume you are facing right)

* = Desperation, do only when life is in red or power bar is at MAX
& = '94 only
# = '95 only

-Athena Asamiya-

PSYCHO BALL -               |   /  O-  A/C
                            O  O

Athena fires a orange-ish projectile at the opponent.

PROS: It's a fireball. She recovers kinda quickly.
CONS: Doesn't combo, and there's a delay before it as well. Be careful
using it.

PSYCHO REFLECTOR -          O-   /  |  \   -O   B/D
                                O   O   O

Athena creates a reflector directly in front of her.

PROS: Reflects fireballs back at opponents, plus hits them if it's close
CONS: Slight delay which can make reflecting at the last minute somewhat
hard at times. Also, it's difficult to combo it after a close hit.

PHOENIX ARROW -             |   /  O-  A/C during jump
                            O  O

Athena tucks herself into a ball and slams down at the opponent. Doing
with A will just be the hits from the ball, if you do it with C she adds
an extra kick at the end.

PROS: Excellent for ticking off life. The C kick is faster to come out in
and will combo, it's somewhat worthless in '94. Also, this move is great
you correctly anticipate a fireball.
CONS: Some people won't stop using this move.  :P   Also, it can of course
be uppercutted, plus if you're not careful you could end up getting thrown
after the A version.

#PSYCHO SWORD -             -O  |  \   A/C   (can be done during jump too)
                                O   O

Athena creates a "Sword" out of Psychic energy and uses it to jump up into
the air with it.

PROS: Good uppercut move, works great in combos, plus it can be done in
CONS: Not totally invincible, very vulnerable when coming down from the C
version (of course).

*SHINING CRYSTAL BIT -       O-  -O  \   |   /  O-  O   B+C
                                      O  O  O        \

Two crystals orbit a charged up Athena. (A+B+C+D cancels the move)

PROS: Ticks off lots of energy if you do it close (jumping in D, Standing
Desperation, or Jumping D, Desperation is a nice way to get close enough
it). There is also a very deadly trick that can be done with it that very
people know about! If you throw someone with Athena then immediately do
Shining Crystal Bit before they hit the ground, they end up taking the SCB
damage! No joke! To prove this, try throwing them, then throwing an A or B
into mid-air. They only end up taking that jab's worth of damage. So once
get the Desperation down, always try to move in for the kill with the
Oh yeah, projectiles usually get cancelled out by this move.
CONS: Not enough range, has a slow start-up time, plus she's stuck and can
often be hit by long-range attacks like Chin's Gourd Attack and Goro's
Minelayer. And it doesn't cancel projectiles 100% of the time.

#*CRYSTAL SHOOT -            |   /  O-  A/C during Shining Crystal Bit
                             O  O

Athena holds up one of the crystals and fires it at the opponent.

PROS: Does lots of damage, cancels any other projectiles except for
Haohshokohkens and Rugal's Kaiser Wave. The move can also be "held" by
holding C. Try holding it on CPU opponents like Heidern and Joe Higashi!
Another thing is that if you throw the Crystal with A, and then follow it
with a Psycho Ball A, you get two projectiles on screen at once!
CONS: It's a normal projectile and can be dodged easily.

-Sie Kensou-

SUPER BULLET ATTACK -        |   /  O-  A/C
ChoKyuudan                   O  O

Sie fires a blue-ish psycho-projectile.

PROS: Ducks down when he fires it, making it harder to jump-attack him.
CONS: Just like Athena's fireball, but shorter delay. Still can't be

DRAGON UPPERCUT -            O-  |   /  B/D
RyuuRenga                        O  O

Sie does a handstand and goes up into the air making a good air defense
his legs.

PROS: Solid uppercut move, has slight bit of invincibilty when starting.
CONS: The D version hits twice, and both hits will sometimes not register
you are not close enough, and then you're vulnerable on the way down.

DRAGON'S FANG -              O-   /  |  \   -O  A/C
Ryuugakusai                      O   O   O

Sie hops and delivers an instant three-hit combo attack.

PROS: Great damage, works well as a counterstrike if correctly
also will juggle all 3 hits on a jumping opponent.
CONS: Awful lag time if blocked, especially when done with C. A is
recommended, and if done at MAX, you are pushed farther back, and it's
to counterattack (but beware of Goro's long-range throws)

#DRAGON TALON TEAR -         |   /  O-  A/C during jump
                             O  O

Does an arc attack similar to Athena.

PROS: Like the Phoenix Arrow, it's good for ticking off life, and knocks
down if used correctly. Plus you can sometimes throw an unwary opponent
CONS: Awful delay at the beginning, often afterwards it's just a matter of
luck who gets the throw out first.

*DRAGON GOD DRUBBING -       |  \   -O  O-  -O  D
ShinRyu TenbuKyaku           O   O

Delivers three rising attacks, and ends with a multihit scissor kick.

PROS: Lots of damage! Plus can be comboed correctly if fast enough. Also,
will sometimes take out a jumping opponent or be used to go under a
Timing is everything.
CONS: If it's blocked, you're dead. Nuff said. Use it wisely.

-Chin Gentsai-

GOURD ATTACK -               |   /  O-  A/C
HyoutanGeki                  O  O

Attacks with his sake jug on a cord. (makes a funny noise too)

PROS: Long range, good in combos, can't be counterattacked from afar.
CONS: Doesn't work close up, also has a lag before it.

ROLLING PUNCH -              O-   /  |  \   -O  B/D
KaitentekiKuutotsuKen            O   O   O

Rolls forward and does 1 ('94) or 2 ('95) hits.

PROS: Can go under most fireballs! Plus, combos nice.
CONS: Can get swept if the opponent expects it.

&DEMON SPIRITS -             O-  |   /  A/C
KiSuishuu                        O  O

Spits sake out into the air.

PROS: Very nice air defense.
CONS: Short range, awful lag before it.

#BURNING SAKE BELCH -        -O  |  \   A/C
Gouran Enhou                     O   O

Somehow spits out fire after drinking from his sake jug. Powerful stuff 

PROS: Practically unbeatable air defense, in '95 it does TONS of block
up close!
CONS: In '95, it's considered CHEAP by many players. In '94 it has a
long lag before it, and in both versions it has a tiny lag after it,
to get you clobbered if you miss. Also, sometimes, the flames are shorter.
(seems to be random)

*2.4. Combos*

(these were taken from my Combo FAQ... what a shameless plug!)

-Athena Asamiya-

Jumping C/D, Standing D (2 hits)   35% normal, 67% at MAX   (3 hits)
Jumping C/D, Psycho Sword in air   33% normal, 60% at MAX   (2 hits)
#Jumping C/D, Standing D (1 hit), Psycho Sword    47%  normal, 75% MAX (3
Crossup D, Standing A, Shining Crystal Bit   55% normal   (3 hits)

-Sie Kensou-

Jumping C, Standing D, Dragon's Fang A/C   63% normal, 82% MAX   (5 hits)
Jumping C, Standing D, Dragon God Drubbing   82% normal  (3+ hits)
Crossup D, Crouching B, Dragon Uppercut B   47% normal  (3 hits)

-Chin Gentsai-

Jumping C (2 hits), Standing C, Gourd Attack A/C   50% normal, 82% MAX (3
Jumping C (2 hits), Standing C, Rolling Punch B   57% normal  (5 hits)
Jumping C (2 hits), Standing A, Burning Sake Belch A   50%  (7 hits)
Jumping C (2 hits), Burning Sake Belch C   55-57% normal  (10-11 hits)
Standing A, Burning Sake Belch C   35% normal  (10 hits)
Standing C, Thunder Blast   65% normal  (2 hits)

*3. Strategies*

*3.1. General Strategies*

(all strategies are my personal ways of playing the characters. This will
benefit all, but you may learn a few things. Of course, if you have
to contribute, feel free to send it)

Athena Asamiya

I play Athena mainly as a character always on the offensive. While it's
stated that her range is not the best, I find her Standing C and D to have
somewhat good range and you can keep the pressure on the opponent. While
may not do much damage, her attacks come out quick, plus she has quite
possibly the best standard throw range in the game (Goro's Special Throws
don't count). While the throw initially doesn't do that much damage, doing
the Desperation right after insures about 1/3 of the bar gone!  (see
Moves) The Phoenix Arrow is a nice move, but please don't be generic and
nothing but it all day.  :)   I usually use it only when I know the
is going to throw a fireball or if they're almost dead. Her Reflector is
useful on other people than the CPU, as it is harder for a person to
And if you want some fun, get another person playing Athena, or Eiji or
Rugal, and then play "Reflect Wars" with a Psycho Ball or Reppuken or
whatever  :)  The Reflector also hits close and I occasionally trade hits
with air attackers if I do one. The Psycho Sword needs some work, the
you do this move the better, since it is harder for the attack to trade
or cancel the move once she is in the air and holding it out in front of
It can also be done in the air, but I don't really see the point to it. An
air C+D does more damage. As stated before, you can use the "Throw Bug" to
big damage with a Desperation, plus if you do something like a jumping D,
stnading C, Desperation, or Jumping D, Desperation, you'll be close enough
tick off a lot of hits. Once it's almost finished, do the Crystal Shoot
motion, immediately fire it, and then go back to psycho attacking.  :) 
remember that the Desperation can be cancelled by A+B+C+D. I haven't found
much use yet for stopping it either, but you never know. Holding the
after the Crystal Shoot by holding C can throw off the timing of players,
plus it does strange things to a couple CPU opponents (explained below).
if you're REALLY feeling cheap against a player, just tick with jabs and
throws. I wouldn't do this though, as I'm more concerned about having fun
than winning.

Sie Kensou

Sie, like Athena, can be played offensively, although he can be used well
defensively too. One thing to keep in mind in '95 is that his new kicks
D are extremely useful. His Forward+D is the fastest overhead in the game,
it's practically unfair. Against a human player, you may do well by mixing
a Forward+D with low sweeps after jump attacks. His Standing Neutral D is
awesome new kick that is a great air defense, plus CPU opponents seem to
hit by it a lot. Not to mention his long sweep range, which, like just
every other sweep, is interruptable. Although his Jumping D has good
it doesn't seem to combo as well as his Jumping C. His Jumping C+D is a
double-hit air kick that, if the opponent fails to block either hit, they
get knocked down. Try following blocked C+Ds with the Dragon Talon Tear.
for his special moves, like Athena, don't overuse his ChooKyudyan, since
got that little delay before it and can only be used as a followup attack
when interruputed. The Scissor Kick is an invincible air defense... when
move STARTS. After that, it can trade hits or be knocked out completely.
Unfortunately, it only seems to combo after quick close attacks. The
Fang is great for doing damage and an awesome countermove... if you are
it is going to hit. If not, you may end up getting thrown after the 3rd
If your power bar is at MAX though, do it anytime you want! Mainly because
pushes you back farther, and then the only one who could probably
successfully throw you is the master of the long-range throw, Goro. The
Dragon Talon Tear, while a powerful attack if fully connected, can be
good or bad when blocked. It all depends on who wins the throw attempt it
seems. A scrub will probably have no idea what to do though  :)  The
Desperation always does a nice amount of damage, but it leaves you
vulnerable when blocked. It would be nice if it could be stopped before
scissor kick went into effect, but sadly this is not the case. Here's one
pattern you can do with the Desperation though. Try throwing a fireball at
the opponent, and when they jump, do the Desperation to knock them out of
air! Works a good amount of the time!

Chin Gentsai

The old boy seems to be a lot more powerful in '95 than he was in '94.
I miss his Standing C-Jumping D, heck, if the Jumping D actually comboed,
could probably be interrupted by his Desperation for one REALLY damaging
combo... but I digress. Anyways, Chin's best offensive move is his
C. This is due mainly to the fact that it is long-ranged, quick to come
and is interruptable! Standing C, Gourd Attack almost always seems to work
matter where on the screen you are! Chin's Jumping C is also an invaluable
attack, it hits twice and actually hits some characters out of their
moves entirely. It also allows Chin to do an IMMEDIATE jump attack from
ground. His Standing C+D makes for a highly effective air counter for when
you can't get out the Burning Sake Belch or Thunder Blast. Just be sure to
it early. The Gourd Attack is a very valuable weapon when used correctly,
can safely tick off damage without getting close to the opponent. Of
don't do it TOO close or you may end up getting walloped yourself. The
Rolling Punch goes under fireballs (except for projectiles touching the
ground) so use it wisely. You can also use it to get close to the opponent
and tick off a couple of hits. The Burning Sake Belch hits numerous times,
but only when close. If blocked, it puts you at a disadvantegeous
If you can nail a jumping attacker just right with it though, you'll be
a lot of damage! But Chin's most impressive attack by far is the Thunder
Blast. This is due mainly to the fact that up close, the block damage does
almost the same amount of damage as getting hit by it! Plus it's a deadly
air defense. Basically if you're trying to win, you're gonna want to force
your opponent into the corner and tick off their life slowly but surely
the fire. But be warned, there is a signigicant delay afterwards which
you open to attack. Also, the flames are randomly shorter, I guess to
people from being too cheap with it (too late!)

*3.2. CPU Strategies*

The order of your team is HIGHLY important when fighting the CPU. In '94
CPU picks one member after you pick one, but in '95 they pick all 3 at
giving you that 10 seconds to decide what order the team should fight in.
following is the way I match up my team with the CPU teams. Of course, all
this is IMHO, if you find one character fights another one better, then go
with that. Of course when the CPU team edits... it's up to you to decide.
Good luck!

Kyo = Sie
Benimaru = Athena
Goro = Chin

Ryo = No real
Robert = team order
Takuma = preference (yet)

Terry = Chin
Andy = Sie
Joe = Athena

Heidern = Athena
Ralf = Chin
Clark = Sie

Athena = Athena 
Sie = Chin
Chin = Sie

Kim = Sie
Chang = Athena
Choi = Chin

Yuri = Athena
Mai = Chin
King = Sie

Iori = Sie
Eiji = Chin
Billy = Athena

Saishu = Chin
Rugal = Athena/Sie 


All strategies apply to level 4, which is the default in the arcade and
level up from the default on the home version. Strategies may or may not
on higher or lower levels. Be sure to use the strategies listed above as

Kyo - Kyo seems to use his special moves randomly, and I'm never quite
what to expect when fighting him. Although he likes to sweep, standing
attacks often hit him. Just be sure to block low. Beware, he can get out
uppercut when he needs it most, but he barely ever does it should you jump

Benimaru - Benimaru can be a tough CPU opponent if underestimated. Always
wary of jumping at him, for he can easily lightning kick you out of it. He
likes using the long range of his sweeps and his Iaido Kicks, plus he
a lot too. The best strategy is to use Athena and continually standing D
kick. Since Athena hops she can't get swept, and Ben will usually dodge.
begin sweeping until he stops dodging and tries to Iaido Kick. This is the
best way of fighting him that I can think of. And... beware of his
Desperation when his life meter is low! And don't think of rolling into
with Chin, he usually ends up doing the Shinku Katategoma!

Goro - Never try to win a throw war with Goro. His long range will usually
ensure a victory for him. He doesn't use the air and ground slams much, so
feel free to sweep him and jump in on him. The best attack is Chin's
C. He seems to ALWAYS take both hits, and from there you can do Standing C
into Gourd Attack or Rolling Punch. Sie and Athena should still be able to
handle him normally with combos.

Ryo - Ryo can be tough since he loves the uppercut. Try to anticipate his
fireballs and jump over and combo him. Haohshokohkens can be jumped too,
if there's no time to jump, simply dodge it. If you get desperate, let him
come to you with the Double Kick. After the second kick you can
him. If he just does one, then keep waiting. And beware his long sweep

Robert - Pretty much the same strategies as Ryo apply, except he doesn't
uppercut as much... a good thing for you. Keep jumping and comboing
possible. Try using a Phoenix Arrow or Dragon Talon Tear to get over the
fireballs and do some damage. With Athena, try doing the Desperation from
afar, then holding the Crystal from the Crystal Shoot. Robert will jump
towards you and then if you release, you can nail him in his jump!

Takuma - Has no uppercut, but he likes jump kicking you out of the air or
standing uppercut you. Same strategies again, but keep blocking,
if he runs at you to attempt the Shoran Kyaku. After it is blocked, you
throw him instead.

Terry - Can be tough when he really wants to be. Always be careful of
like the Burning Knuckle and Crack Shoot. He doesn't Power Dunk much, but
he will occasionally do a Rising Tackle. Still, he should be jumped on
especially since he has the tendency to throw lots of Power Waves.

Andy - Occasionally does Zaneikens or Breaking Dam Punches, block and
retaliate. He likes to throw lots of Hishokens, just like his brother.
in on him, but if he weak kicks you out of the air, throw him when you
land. And if you lose to him when his life meter is still in the red, and
starts out in the red at the beginning of the next round... DON'T jump at
him! You run the risk of a major-damage ChoReppaDan!

Joe - Likes using the Tiger Kick to counter moves, so be careful.
I fight him by jumping the Tornadoes and jump-kicking like some of the
opponents. He doesn't react to blocked Rolling Punches from Chin, and
a Rolling Punch will go right under his Slash Kick and hit him. Also,
a funny little trick that works with Athena - Charge up power or wait til
energy is in the red. Do her Desperation from afar, let him throw a
and let it be cancelled. Then do the Crystal Shoot and HOLD it with C. If
Joe's life bar is not in the red, he will walk up, and Tiger Kick out of
range. Throw the crystal as he comes down. If the bar IS in the red, he
do his Desperation. Wait til the tornado is disappating and then toss the
crystal. Timing is everything!!

Heidern - Fighting him can be difficult at times, due to his insane sweep
range and constant no-charge no-opening-delay Cross Cutters. Never jump
of range because he will Cross Cutter you often as you are coming down.
Don't overuse the Phoenix Arrow or Dragon Talon Tear either, because then
he will do the Moon Slasher. The Athena trick above works well on him too!
Hold the Crystal for a couple seconds and he will actually try to do a
Rolling Cutter but get zapped.

Ralf - A pretty easy fighter, but he'll sometimes get in throws on you
you least expect it. Usually when he charges up he does a Gatling Punch
of range. Block (or duck) and then combo/throw him. Not much more is
to beat him, just use common sense.

Clark - Much tougher than Ralf. Clark doesn't do too many random Gatling
Punches, and is very good at hopping forward and throwing you before you
react. Also deadly is the Unblockable running grab, if you see it, TRY to
push A or B as quick as you can. And of course, he has an annoying sweep.
does have one easy pattern, and that's Sie's standing D kicks. Works like

Athena - Not really that tough as long as you just use standard patterns.
She usually likes to start the match off with a jump, so use the air
of choice to knock her out (Psycho Sword, Scissor Kick, C+D). Also
(unconfirmed) if you throw jabs into mid-air she'll just jump at you
This pattern MIGHT be able to be repeated over and over.

Sie - Not that tough either, but he blocks well, and uses a Dragon Fang in
the most convenient of times. No real patterns against him that I've
just fight him like normal.

Chin - Probably the toughest of China Team, mainly due to his annoying
Burning Sake Belch. He always seems to get this off RIGHT before you air
attack... so try jumping from a farther distance. And never charge up
to him or you may get whacked by the gourd attack. Like many other
he falls for Sie's standing D most of the time...

Kim - Three words - Sie's standing D. With any other character, try
him with the most long-ranged attack (Standing D for Athena, Standing C
Chin). Whenever he is close he tries to do the slide-kick move. As long as
you can avoid being swept with long-ranged moves, you should be fine. When
he jumps, prepare for the Flying Kick. This can often be met by a jump
of your own, preferably a C+D. And last but not least.. DO NOT JUMP AT

Chang - It's pretty easy to land hits on the big man, but be aware of his
Breaking Iron Ball. If you see it coming, just block or dodge, unless
all the way across the screen with Sie or Athena. In that case, jump
him and do the Dragon Talon Tear or Phoenix Arrow. Be sure to block low to
avoid getting swept or weak kicked into a "Hien Zan", and he loves to
so watch it!

Choi - Like Athena, he will sometimes start the match with a jump. Use
to your advantage. He also hops towards you a lot, hit him out with a
standard attack or special move. Be ready for the Flying Monkey Slice, as
comes out fast. Just block that and throw him. If he does the wall jump,
sure he's going to come down on you, and then roll away so you can hit him
after he makes impact with the ground.

Yuri - Can get very annoying. She likes to use an uppercut on air
just like her big brother. She loves throwing fireballs though, so it's
all a
matter of guessing when she's going to throw one. If you can jump at a
Ken on reflex, knock her out of the air with a jumping C+D. Just be
not to jump at the wrong time...

Mai - Should be handled somewhat easily with basic tactics. Although she
enjoys using the Ryu en Bu, she doesn't seem to use it effectively all the
time. She likes doing Deadly Ninja Bees attacks too which she can be
thrown out of. If she's charging up, she'll often do the Desperation as
as she gets out of it, so be ready to block or dodge.

King - Seems to fall a lot for Sie's Dragon Talon Tear, strangely. At any
rate, keep on the offensive, be ready to dodge or block though when she
a Tornado Kick or Surprise Rose. And she can easily be conuter-swept after
blocked sweep, so stay blocking low!

Iori - Like Kyo, sometimes seems to use his moves randomly. But he often
dash behind you when you jump and uppercut you in the back. If he begins
doing the Deadly Flower on you, block all three hits and then throw him.
Other than that, basic fighting seems to work fine.

Eiji - Mixes up his moves a lot, and will dash blade you at the worst
possible time. One annoying thing he does is do a Pegasus Kick when you
expect it to. Sometimes it only trades hits in the air though. If he hits
with a weak jumping attack, throw him when he lands. And never forget he
a powerful projectile!

Billy - Definitely one of the hardest to beat, I still don't have a
pattern on beating him. Just don't jump from afar as this is when he often
knocks you out of the air. Jump from closer in. Any more advice on beating
his patterns would be appreciated.

Saishu - Chin is Saishu's worst nightmare! Just keep doing the Gourd
and you should at the very worst trade hits! (unfortunately, he does more
damage than you). And never be blocking low when he dashes in, or else...

Rugal - Hmmm. I don't have a pattern yet for him either. Just ticking off
life with the fire breath of Chin (if he's left) works for a while, but
that, the battle is a lot tougher. I sometimes win on luck and I'm not
sure how. Don't play offensively or you'll get creamed, that Genocide
seems to counter just about anything. If he taunts you, quickly run in and
throw him or combo him, this is when he's most vulnerable! He can also
SOMETIMES be hit when he charges up. Any more hints on beating him would
actually be appreciated.

*4. Other Stuff*

*4.1. Dialogue, Endings, etc.*

I do not have the Intermission, pre-Rugal dialogue, and ending from '94.
anyone help me in supplying these? Here is the dialgoue I can remember
winning a battle, it is different for every team beaten, and who was the
last one to land the blow. At any rate, anyone that can help fill the
it would be appreciated... (I can't believe I don't remember all these, my
memory must be going bad..)


Athena's Quotes

Team Italy - You should at least beat us!
Team China - ?
Team Japan - ?
Team USA - You stink of sweat!
Team Korea - The team is not well balanced.
Team Brazil - ?
Team England - I'm sorry, sisters.
Team Mexico - ?

Sie's Quotes

Team Italy - You are famous, but so am I!
Team China - We're the real fighters!
Team Japan - ?
Team USA - ?
Team Korea - ?
Team Brazil - ?
Team England - Beauty is nothing in a fight!
Team Mexico - ?

Chin's Quotes

Team Italy - ?
Team China - I won the drinking battle, too.
Team Japan - ?
Team USA - ?
Team Korea - ?
Team Brazil - ?
Tean England - My wife will scold me again!
Team Mexico - ?


?  (something about justice and how that idea is rubbish... but what was
word for word?)


?  (I've seen it many times, but I think I'm getting old...)


Athena's Quotes

I may be a woman, but I'm one tough, fabulous babe!
There's no tea time for heroines. Let's go!
You weren't that bad. You were pathetic! Go home!

Sie's Quotes

So do you still think I fight like a girl? Twit!
I can read you like an open book, moron. Rewrite!
If you want to beat me, you'll need years of practice.

Chin's Quotes

Geez, you looked bad, but your fighting skills were worse!
To make things easier, next time I'll fight drunk!
You need a lot more work. Go back to the gym, tadpole!

'95 INTERMISSION (upon beating 3 teams)

(Secretary bowing.)
Secretary: Monseiur Rugal. Chin, Kensou, and Athena have won 4 matches!
it SHOULD be 3...) (Rugal's shoulder/arm.)
Rugal: Hah, hah, hah. Just more fools fighting for justice. I'll put an
to those idiots. Yah, hah, hah!


Athena : Kyah!  What?  (Team choking on gas.)
Chin : Oh no!  Gas!
Kensou : Uh oh!  A trap!  (Fade to black.)
Athena : Uh, where are we?  (Rugal in chair.)
Rugal : Good morning, my heroes!  (Team.)
Chin : Just as I thought, Rugal!  (Rugal's face.)
Rugal : Heh, heh.  That's right. Now you must die!  For ruining my plans,
death is my present to you.  (Team.)
Kensou : Why, you fiend!  (Worm's eye view of Rugal.)
Rugal : Fiend?  Take it easy, dudley!  And say "hi" to my henchman!
(Saisyu.)  (Close up on face.)
Saishu : Heh, heh.  Nice to meet you.  Shall we mix it up?  (Team.)
Athena : Kusanagi?  Not Kyo's....
Chin : Wait, he's possessed with evil! (Worm's eye view of Rugal.)
Rugal : Hah, hah!  (Close up of face.)  Know my power and eat the fists of

(after beating Saishu)

Saishu : As I thought.  Oh, it's over...!  (Rugal.)
Rugal : Hmm.  The only justice is total power!  (Raises hand.)  Now I'll
you that lesson!  (Powers up, shredding shirt.)
Rugal : Woooooo....

(after beating Rugal)

(Rugal holding bloody arm.)
Rugal : Even with my new power, I lost. (Light appears behind.)  What?
My body....?????  (Far shot of Rugal surrounded by light, then close up.)
Rugal : meet such a fate!  But I'll be jerks!  (Team.)
Athena : Don't count on it, slick! (Rugal in light.)  Rugal : Humanity is
destined for destruction.  I'll be back! (Light consumes Rugal and skull
appears.)  (Team on cliff.)
Kensou : What happened?
Chin : Consumed by his own evil.  But what evil drove him to such an end?
Athena : Are we really doomed, master?
Chin : We must fight our own evil.  But doomed?  Nah!
Kensou : Master, things aren't really that hopeless, right, Athena?
Athena : Yeah...right...heh.  Chin : Yes, you may be correct.
Athena : Come on, let's go home.  (Close up of the team sitting down on
Kensou : Better still, let's eat!  I'm starving!  Athena : Hee, hee. 
you'll never change, ya big lug!  (Kensou's expression changes to a
Kensou : What does that mean?
Athena, Kensou, Chin : Wah, hah, hah!

*4.2. Things to come*

Descriptions of the normal moves and when to use them.
More strategies.
The missing win quotes, intermission, and ending from '94.
Any other missing information that should be added.

Please, if you have any info to add, feel free to send it!

*4.3. Acknowledgments*

Galen Tatsuo Komatsu (
  KoF '94 FAQ, with translations of some moves
Joseph G. Palanca (
  KoF '95 FAQ, intermission and ending was taken from his FAQ, and other
R Foo (
  Some voices taken from Neo-Geo Voice FAQ
Kenneth Hsu (
  Kensou's Desperation strategy (yep, I still remember it)
Tan Wei Teck Victor (
  Some good Chin Gentsai strategies
Christopher Cho (
  Info about Psycho Soldier
  Better description of Chin's C hold

All comments, compliments, corrections, complaints:  (the Four CO's!)  or

Thanx for reading! GO TEAM CHINA!

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