Kyo by CJBauzon

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/26/97 | Printable Version

A guide to Kyo Kusanagi KOF 97

     Version 1.0
  December 26, 1997

Calvin James F.  Bauzon

*  This is a guide to the best fighting game dude ever ceated, Kyo
Kusanagi.  The purpose of this guide is to help players use Kyo more
effectively and more deeper, and pull out his full potential.


1.0 (December 26, 1997)  -  Initial release.  Still a lot of info needed
such as the amount of damage for the moves , autoguard match-ups,
vs. character section needs more depth,some more combos still need to be
added, and the heck anything lacking!!

I.  Introduction
    A.  About the author
    B.  Note from the author
    C.  Why play Kyo
    D.  About  Kyo
II.  Move list
    A.  Normal moves
    B.  Special Moves
    C.  Ultimate special moves (a.k.a.  Desperation Move / Super
Desperation Move)
    D.  Other moves
III.  Combos
    A.  Chains / Links
    B.  Combo list
IV.  Strategy
    A.  General  strategy
    B.  The infamous Kyo Kusanagi "Autoguard"
    C.  Vs.  computer  strategy
    D.  Vs.  human opponents strategy
    E.  Ranges and Zoning
V.  Closing
    A.  Conclusion
    B.  Acknowledgments



A.  About  the  Author

  Okay, first of all, let me introduce myself.  My whole name is Calvin
James Feliciano Bauzon.  I was born on the 17th of July,1981.  I live in
this liitle country located in Southeast Asia called the Philippines.  I am
in 4th year highschool and I'll be going to college next year.  I'm hoping
to take up medicine as my course in college.  I am also thinking about
going to college in America, maybe Duke where my father studied or UNC
where my mother studied at.

  By the way, I studied in Japan for two years from 1994 to 1996.  I became
very fluent with the  Japanese language and a lot of my penpals ask me
Japanese words to translate it for them.  I also passed the Japanese
proficiency test (nikyuu  or the second highest level).  Everyone in Japan
told me that I spoke, wrote and acted exactly like a Japanese.  Ahehe...

  I like watching Japanese anime.  I also like playing video games.  I also
do sports.  I play basketball, table tennis, soccer, and bowling.  I am
also into music.  Me and my friends have a band here in school and I do the
vocals while playing the guitar (rythm).  I can also play the piano, drums,
the flute and a little violin.  My favourite subjects in school are
Algebra, Physics and maybe Geometry.

  My first encounter with KOF was when it first came out in '94...  My
friend took me to the arcades to play Virtua Fighter.  That was the fad
back then in Japan.  Anyway, my friend caught my attention when he was
playing KOF 94.  I liked SNK games, like the Fatal Fury series, Samurai
Spirits and Art of Fighting series, and seeing them in one game (except SS,
of course) really made me rejoice.  At first, I used team Italy or Mexico,
but there was one character who caught my attention--  Kyo Kusanagi.  I was
intrigued by this newcomer and something urged me to go on and try him.  So
I did and I really enjoyed using him.  I loved the look of his
"Oboroguruma".  That was my favourite move.  And seeing him coming back
with more moves in 95 made me a lot more happier.  When 96 first came out,
I really did not like Kyo at first.  First of all, he lost my favourite
move, and then I was confused on how to use his flame fists.  But when I
got the hang of it, I enjoyed it even more than the fireball-throwing Kyo.
It really feels good when your autoguard eats up the opponents attack, then
he eats your flame fists.  Hahahahaha!!  ........Ahem.  Anyway, I love KOF
97.  It's the best game ever!  I usually pick Japan team, even when I
challenge people.  I think I'm pretty good with every one of them.  Now I'm
trying to play Shingo, Orochi Chris, Blue Mary and Kim.

  Anyway, this is my first try on writing a guide for a game.  I
wholeheartedly accept any comments and suggestions regarding this Kyo


B.  Note from the author

  This Kyo Kusangi guide is copyright 1997 by Calvin James F. Bauzon.  This
is strictly PUBLIC DOMAIN - it's FREE and and no one should profit from
selling any part of this guide to anyone.  If parts of this guide were used
in another publication, please acknowledge your source of information.  If
you guys have any questions regarding any of the information given in this
guide, mail me at :

  I assume that you guys have been playing KOF for some time and you can
probably go up to the fifth team against the computer.  Well, if you think
you're still a beginner, check out Andrew Seyoon Park's  Beginner's
Reference Guide first before tackling out anything listed in this FAQ.  It
can be found at:

C.  Why play Kyo?

  Of all the characters, why do I choose to play Kyo?  Well, not a lot of
people here in my country play Kyo much.  Others pick him but they don't
really use him deeply, to his full potential.  They say that he's weak and
useless.  I think not.  Here are all the reasons I can think of for playing
Kyo Kusanagi...

1.  He's the best there IS the best there WAS and the best there EVER will

2.  He is basically the "hero" of the KOF series.

3.  He looks cool.  That opened "gakuseifuku" (Japanese uniform), the
rolled up sleeves, the gloves,    the hairstyle, the "hachimaki" (headband)
and of course, his looks!

4.  His voice is really cool.  He shouts a lot, too!  "Kuraiiii... YAGARE!!!!"

5.  The fact that he can summon flames and use them in his fighting style
is cool.

6.  AUTOGUARD TO THE ASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. His A Oniyaki is hella lot good.  A lot of frames of autoguard, hits
twice and causes knockdown.  What more could you ask for?

8.  Has tons of variation moves which all branches out from his flamefists.

9.  The "Nuetsumi"  counter.  Good for punishing pokers.

10.  The "Kototsuki - You" which comes out at running speed.  Fool your
opponents when in Advanced mode!

11.  Has an infinite juggle.

12.  Has a 100% combo and a TOD to boot!

13.  Juggle off his "Nanajuugoshiki - kai"  with almost anything!  Damage
for FREE!!

14.  His R.E.D. kick is almost IMPOSSIBLE to stop when engaged in aerial

15.  You can delay the timing of his "Orochinagi" and the SDM version makes
his body surrounded in flames and hits up to three times (I think).   The
damage is also stupendous!

16.  SDM "Saishuu Kessen Ougi"  is the COOLEST looking move in the entire

17.  A very good standing B.  Good for pokes.

18.  An outstanding pressure player.  Gives the enemies a lot of trouble.

19.  The feel of the flames hitting the enemy's body is really awesome.  It
feels really good after connecting all three hits of "Dokugami - Batsuyoumi
- Tsumiyoumi".

20.  What the heck, he's really fun to use!!!


D.  About Kyo

Name:  Kyo Kusanagi
Birthdate:  December 12, 1976
Age: 21
Height:  181 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Blood type: B
Nationality: Japanese
Fighting style: Kusangiriyuukobujutsu + Garyuukenpou
(Kusanagi- style ancient martial arts + some original moves
he made himself)
Hobbies: Writing poetry
Favourite food: Barbequed fish
Favourite sport: Ice Hockey
Most valuable possesion:
His motorcycle and his girlfriend, Yuki
Things he hates the most:
Hard work

  Kyo is the main character of the game and the defending champion of the
tournament.  He is very self confident, and may seem arrogant at times, but
his good nature always shines through. Kyo hates hard work, and thus hates
school and all the tests and studying that comes with it. Consequently, he
is still a high school senior despite his age.  Fortunately, this doesn't
apply to his fighting ability, and Kyo proves to be a formidable fighter.

   Being the sole heir to the Kusanagi Clan, Kyo is able to summon crimson
flames.  Many of his special moves use this ability, such as his "Oniyaki"
move.  To make this possible, he wears special gloves that enhances this
ability (and not strain himself, like Iori).  However, his strength as a
fighter and his natural ability of summoning fire seemingly forced him into
the position of the Dragon Slayer, which is what his family name "Kusanagi"
means in Japanese.

   His name also plagues him with the rivalry with Iori, hier of the
dreaded Yagami Clan.  The Kusanagi and Yagami clans have been warring since
ancient times, and the descendants have inheritted this hate against each
other through out history.  Now, Kyo and Iori are expected to settle the
long feud, and both of them seem more than eager to do so.  Who will be the

   This time around, Kyo has a "disciple", Shingo Yabuki, who Kyo merely
thinks of as a kind of a servant.  He makes Shingo dash into the huge crowd
of swarming students during thier lunch break to get him a sandwich or two,
while Kyo himself takes a nap on the school roof.  In return, Kyo teaches
Shingo his martial arts moves.  It seems that Kyo is having a hard time
telling Shingo that hard work isn't the key in summoning the flames...


-Costume colors

A button - Dark green.  Almost looks like the color of a Military fatigue.
D button - Reddish brown

A button - Blue
D button - Silver/white.  My personal favourite!


*  Everything described below is with Kyo on the first player side facing

-Fight Introduction

  He holds up his left fist with his palm facing up.  A small ball of fire
is on that left palm.  Then he brings down his left hand, clenching is fist
and the fire disappears.  It's the same thing he does when he maxes out in
advanced mode.  He says:
(Here I go!!)


-Special  Fight Introduction

VS.  Iori Yagami

He turns his back to Iori and says:
"Keri o tsukeyoze, Yagami!"
(Let's end this once and for all, Yagami)



  Kyo stands up straight, with his right hand on his hip, and he waves his
left hand index finger and says :
"Nani kusubutten da?"
(What are you smoking for?)


-"Saishuukessen - ougi" taunt

Kyo blows off the flame off his left hand index finger and says:
"Rekishi ga chigaundayo!"
(We didn't go through the same past!)

*Note- Kyo means here that he has the Kusanagi blood, the blood of the
infamous clan which has lived for hundreds of years, coming through,
surviving every challenge it faces, so what he's trying to say is that he
wont get defeated easily.  It may also mean his experience in fighting...


-Win poses

(A)  He turns away from his opponent, with his head facing down a
little,puts one hand in his pocket, he says :
"Ore no..."
(This is my...)
then raises his other hand, clenched and shouts out :
"kachi da!!"
Quote as a whole:  "Ore no...kachi da!!"  -  "This is my... victory!!"

(B)  Kyo raises his left arm at the same level where he blows off the
flames on his index finger.  Then Kyo turns away from the opponent,  brings
his hand down and clenches his fist and says: "Anta ja moene~ na..."
(I'm not having any fun with you...)
*  Moeru means not only burn but to be excited / high

(C)  Kyo puts his right hand on his waist and raises his left arm, then he
blows off the flame from the index finger of his left hand and says:
"Hehe... moetaro?"
(Hehe... burnt, aren't you?)
or  (Hehe... didn't that excite you?)


-Time Over

  Kyo wipes his mouth with his fist, clenching his teeth.

-Draw game
  Kyo puts his hand over his mouth (uses part of the Time Out frames).


-Recovery roll



-Power Charge (Extra)
  Kyo extends his left leg, and bends his right one.  His left arm straight
downwards and his right arm clipped to his waist.  He somewhat yells out a
gutsy moan:


*  Everything placed in this section is done with Kyo on the first player
side facing right.

A.  Normal moves

-Far standing  A

  Kyo jabs the opponent with his right hand.  Comes out relatively quick
but you really don't use this much.  I use this as a fake move.   I
continuosly use this when I'm far away from the opponent just for poking
puposes and, well, I don't know.  Maybe it's just grown into me.

-Far standing  B

  Kyo performs a swift front kick with his right foot.  Probably one of the
best pokes in the game.  You can think of it like Charlotte's  and
Shizumaru's standing  A poke (Samurai Spirits).  It comes out pretty quick
and the reach of this kick is impressively long.  Use this a lot against
human opponents, but not that much as they will read your pattern.

-Far standing  C

  Kyo's body somewhat faces the screen and he performs a backfist with his
left hand.  This is a pretty handy tool because it is interruptible and it
also has good reach.  Follow with a special move of your choice.

-Far standing  D

  Kyo performs an off-the-ground spin kick with his left foot.  I think
this one comes over Iori's fireball...  not sure though.  Otherwise, It
comes out pretty slow, meaning it's relatively useless.  Though it is

-Close standing  A

  Kyo does an elbow strike with his left elbow.  Comes out quick, and
comboable.  It still is better to use C in combos.

-Close standing  B

  Kyo kicks the lower part - leg part of his opponent with his right foot.
Again, look at the close standing  A description.

-Close standing  C

  Kyo does a body blow with his left hand which looks something similar to
an upperut   Almost all your normal move - special move combos come from
this.  I prefer this than the close standing D because when your opponent
is out of your reach and you press the D button, you get that spin kick
which is... well, not a very wise move to use.  Here, you get the backfist
which is obviously far more better.

-Close standing  D

  Kyo performs an outward spinning kick towards the chest of his opponent
with his right foot.  I can't really explain what it is but maybe a
"crescent kick"?  Dunno.  Can also be used in cancelling into special moves
but I still prefer close standing C.  Refer above.

-Crouching  A

  A crouching jab with his left hand.  Linkable.  Essential in Kyo's
infinite...  Comes out lightning quick.  It can also be used like the
crouching B but B is still better since you can link it more to get more

-Crouching  B

  A small, sweeping kick with his left foot.  A very, very important normal
move of Kyo.  After doing a special move that has been blocked, it is
almost imperative to hold down and spam on the B button.  This comes out
lightning quick and it doesn't push the enemy too far so you can get
multiple hits.  You can link it twice to a standing A then a super move of
your choice.  Also pretty good for punishing rollers.

-Croching  C

  Kyo performs a standing uppercut with his right hand.  If your reflexes
are slow and couldn't perform an "Oniyaki" or any anti-air attack that
quickly, this would be the perfect attack for you.  This move is also

-Crouching  D

  Kyo plants his right foot and right hand on the ground while he kicks out
with his left foot.  A pretty good foot sweep, indeed.  It does have a
short lag-time before it comes out, though...  But you can perform a
special move immediately after when this is blocked.

-Jumping  A

  A jumping elbow attack.  I don't know how to use this....

-Jumping  B

  A jumping knee attack.  Again, I don't use this that much too.

-Jumping  C

  A jumping punch attack.  This attack is VERY good since it comes fast and
it hits downwards.  I usually use this more in combos than the jumping D.
Also, one technique that you could use is the "Kamikaze jumping".  You hop
a lot, almost all of the time and continually do jumping C's.

-Jumping  D

  A flying kick.  Looks more of a jumping axe kick since his left foot
comes out from the top.  Has a little lag time at the beginning so timing
is essential.  Pretty good range, though.

-Standing  CD

  Does a shoulder charge with his left shoulder.  Very slow in coming out,
unlike in KOF 96 where it had very good priority and came out very quickly.
By the way, this move causes knockdown.

-Jumping  CD

  Kyo does a drop shoulder attack in mid-air.  Still quite useless...
Causes knockdown.

B.  Special  Moves

*  Everything placed in this section is done with Kyo on the first player
side facing right.

-Legend of move abbreviations

QCF  ->  quarter circle forward  (down, diagonal down-forward, forward)
QCB  ->  quarter circle back  (down, diagonal down-back, back)
HCF  ->  half circle forward  (back, diagonal down-back, down, diagonal
down-forward, forward)
HCB  ->  half circle back  (forward, diagonal down-forward, down, diagonal
down-back, back)
DP  ->  Dragon Punch...  (forward, down, diagonal down-forward)
RDP  ->  Reverse Dragon Punch...  (back, down, diagonal down-back)

Japanese Name:  HyakuJuuYon Shiki:  Aragami
English Name:  Style #114:  Wild Bite
Move command:  QCF +  A
Hits:  1
Quote:  "Body ga... ame~ze!!" (ame~  is the "slang" or street
language for "amai")
Tramslation:  "Your body is weak!!"

  Kyo does an advancing flaming punch attack with his right fist.  Has a
few frames of autoguard.  One of Kyo's best pokes.  Well, in fact, my
favourite poke in the entire game.  It comes out very fast and you remain
safe when blocked.  Can also be used as an anti-air attack because of the
autoguard.  It guards the flying attack first then attacks with the flame
fist.  This move, by the way, branches out to two different moves...

Japanese Name:  HyakuNiJuuHachi Shiki:  Konokizu
English Name:  Style #128:  Nine Wounds
Move command:  QCF +  A / C  (done after "Aragami")
Hits:  1
Quote:  "Body ga... orusu daze!!"
Translation:  "You're body's vacant!!"

  Kyo performs what looks like a flaming standing uppercut with his left
hand.  This is the first option after doing the Aragami and this causes
knockdown.  After this, you can follow up with a Nanajuugo shiki: kai in
the corner, and on to another juggle.  Essential in Kyo's 100% combo.
Remember, it comboes after the Aragami, a thing you'll have to keep in

Japanese Name:  HyakuNiJuuNana Shiki:  Yanosabi
English Name:  Style #127:  Eight Rust
Move command:  HCB +  A / C  (done after "Aragami")
Hits:  1
Quote:  "Body ga... garaaki daze!!"
Translation:  "Your body's  wide open!!"

  Kyo performs a downward flaming elbow strike with his left elbow.  This
causes knockdown with a straight "thump!" to the ground.  This is an
overhead attack so it must be blocked high.  The second option from
Aragami.  This is good against crouching opponents but watch out, it comes
out relatively slow and it does not combo after Aragami.  Still pretty good
to use when engaged in mindgames...

Japanese Name:  GeShiki:  Migiriugachi (Migiri = circumstancial)
English Translation:  Outside style:  Timely Drill
Move  command:  press A / C    (done after "Konokizu" or "Yanosabi")
Hits:  1
Quote:  N / A
Translation:  N / A

  After the "Body ga... orusu daze!!" (Aragami - Konokizu) version, Kyo
strikes the enemy with a downward flaming elbow using his left elbow.  It
looks pretty much like Yanosabi.  This is also an overhead attack.  If the
Aragami-Konokizu connects if you're not in the corner, it would be wiser to
do a Nanase than doing this since it seldomly connects  (always if done in
the corner, though).  In some cases, it hits in mid-air if you connect the
first two.  The main purpose which I can think of for using this move is to
confuse turtling opponents with the first two moves then pound them with
this one.

  After the "Body ga... gara aki daze!!"  (Aragami - Yanosabi) version,
Kyo kneels down, pulls his right fist back to gather some momentum and
punches it down with flames.  This one comboes when you hit the Yanosabi
but as I said before, the Yanosabi does not combo from Aragami, unlike in
KOF '96.  Still pretty good to use against human opponents for they don't
expect this to come out too often.  Looks pretty cool...

Japanese Name:  HyakuNiJuuGo Shiki:  Nanase
English Name:  Style #125:  Seven Currents
Move command:  press  B / C  (done after "Konokizu"  or  "Yanosabi")
Hits:  1
Quote:  N / A
Translation:  N / A

  Kyo performs a straight forward advancing jumping kick (sort of)  with
his left foot.  Use this when your Aragami-Kunokizu connects since it has a
higher possibilty rate of hitting than the Migiriugachi.  I don't use the
Nanase version after Yanosabi, I think it does ont connect and well,  I
like the Migiri Ugachi better.

Japanese Name:  HyakuJuuGo Shiki:  Dokugami
English Name:  Style #115:  Poisonous Bite
Move command:  QCF + C
Hits:  1
Quote:  "Kurae!!"
Translation:  "Take this!!"

  Kyo winds up then releses an advancing flame punch with his left hand.
This has a few frames of autoguard on the wind-up (the moment before he
releases the puch).  This move advances more than the Aragami and has more
lag time when blocked.  But it's still dang useful.  Very good for poking.
Use this and Aragami and you have yourself on hell of a poking and zoning
machine.  From this move, you can still add on two more moves for extra

Japanese Name:  YonHyaku Isshiki:  Tsumi Yomi (Yomi= compose, as
in poems)
English Name:  Style #401:  Sin Creator
Move command:  HCB +  A / C (done after "Dokugami")
Hits:  1
Quote:  N / A
Translation:  N / A

  Kyo withdraws his two fists back to the side of his body with flames
coming out.  Well, nothing much to be said here as this is a follow-up move
after the Dokugami.  One technique, probably is to do this even if the
Dokugami does not connect, thus pushing the enemy farther away from you.

Japanese Name:  YonHyakuNi Shiki:  Batsu Yomi
English Name:  Style #402:  Punishment Creator
Move command:  Forward +  A / C
Hits:  1
Quote:  N / A
Translation:  N / A

  Kyo leaps up and does a flaming shoulder attack, somewhat similar to the
Oniyaki.  It looks like the beginning frame of the Oniyaki.  Again, onthing
much to be said since this is a follow up move.  Warning, NEVER use this
when your opponent has blocked the Dokugami and Tsumi Yomi.  It's like your
saying "pound on me!!"  to the opponent.  Oh, so that's why the move's name
is "Punishment Creator"...  It gives the opponent a chance to punish Kyo in
this move...

Japanese Name:  Hyaku Shiki:  Oniyaki
English Name:  Style #100:  Demon Scorcher
Move command:  DP  +  A / C
Hits:  2          (both the A and C versions hits twice)
Quote:  "Oriyaa!!!!"
Translation:  Something like "Uggghh!!!!"  It's just a grunt.

  Leading with his elbow, Kyo rises up into the air, his arms raised and
out to the sides as red and orange flames whip around his body, encircling
him on his way up.  YESSSS!!  This is 'da mooove!!  Assy, irritating
autoguard which beats the crap out of almost anything!!  The A version goes
up lower, hits twice, knocks down and is better than the C version which
goes up higher, and I think it does not knock down.  The A version has very
high priority against all normal attacks and almost against any move in the
game.  Good for anti-air as it guards the enemies initial attack.   Though
watch out if the enemy blocks this attack as it has terrible lag time, so
always make sure it hits!

Japanese Name:  KyuuHyakuJuu Shiki:  Nuetsumi        (Nue= type of monster
in Japanese folklore)
English Name:  Style #910:  Beast Trimmer
Move command:  QCB + A / C
Hits:  1 when usednormally, 2 as a counter
Quote:  "Saseruka!!"
Translation:  "I won't let you do that!!"

  Kyo puts his right hand on his left arm and then he pumps up his left
hand as if doing an uppercut.  If you do it as a counter, Kyo will do the
Migiriugachi, where he pummels the enemy to the ground with a downwards
flaming punch or he does a flaming downwards elbow attack.  Use this if you
feel the enemy will poke, our dish out any move which requires direct body
contact.  I don't know if it counters DMs / SDMs though.  Well, if you're
going to use the pumping upper, well, don't as it does a little damage and
it comes out relatively slow.

Japanese Name:  NiHyakuJuuNi Shiki:  Kototsuki - You
English Name:  Style #212:  Harped Moon - Light
Move command:  HCB +  B / D
Hits:  2
Quote:  "Moero!!"
Translation:  "Burn!!"

  Kyo runs forward and when he nears the enemy, he stops and performs a
dashing left elbow attack.  When this hits, Kyo will use the momentum to
hoist his adversary into the air with his right hand and then the explosion
that will come from Kyo's hand will blow the enemy away.  A very cool
looking move.  Good for catching people off-guard.  Terrible lag in the
end.  The safest way to use this is to combo it from a standing C/D.

Japanese Name:  NanaJuuGo Shiki - Kai
English Name:  Style #75:  Revised
Move command:  HCF +  BB / DD
Hits:  2
Quote:  N / A
Translation:  N / A

  Kyo does an advancing, jumping kick, a high kick with his right foot,
then splits to kick with his left foot.  Probably Kyo's lousiest looking
special move.  But think again.  It's not the look of the move that
matters.  After succesively connecting both hits, you can juggle the enemy
with almost anything in your arsenal.  Kyo's infinite combo and 100% combo
also lies in this move.  But, this move is pretty difficult to connect with
when used alone.  You have to combo it off a standing C then juggle
afterwards.  More variations of juggles are there if you do this move with
your opponent in the corner.

Japanese Name:  NanaHyakuNana Shiki:  Komahofuri (R.E.D kick)
English Name:  Style #707:  Rainbow Energy Dynamite kick
Move command:  RDP  +  B / D
Hits:  1
Quote:  N / A
Translation:  N / A

  Kyo jumps up, like he's painting the arc of a rainbow with his downward
jumping kick.  A very stylish attack.  The B version goes faster and lower,
thus making it much more useful than the D version which is slower and goes
higher.  In KOF 96, Kyo's R.E.D. kick was much, much better.  It was sooooo
fast that you you wouldn't even expect it coming.  The B version now is
much like the D version in 96, although the D version in 96 travelled
further.   Anyway, this is a very effective way of punishing opponents on
their way up or those who are jumping.  It is merely impossible to stop the
R.E.D. kick  when it has already come out.  It is also an overhead attack,
thus it must be blocked high.  Use the B version of the kick.  The D
version is quite useless.  Well, it might still be good for punishing a
high, miscalculated jump...

C.  Ultimate special moves

Japanese Name:  Ura HyakuHachi Shiki:  Orochinagi
English Name:  Reverse style #108:  Serpent Slayer
Move command:  QCB, HCF +  A / C
Hits:  1 as a DM, can be 2, 3 as a SDM
Quote:  "Kuraiii Yagare!!!"
Translation:  "Eat this!!!"  (this is just a "stronger" way of saying
"kurae".  Yagare is used to        emphasize or
exaggerate the quote)

  Kyo holds a ball of flame on his left palm, then he rushes forward with a
flame sweep.  Kyo's original DM.  Takes a lot of damage from the opponent's
life bar, especially  the SDM version.  Kyo can actually delay this attack
when the button used to do this move is held down.  When you do the SDM
version, Kyo's body goes up in flames and damage will be inflicted to
enemies who touch Kyo's body.  If you do a NanaJuuGo Shiki: Kai with your
opponent in the corner, you can do the SDM and Kyo's flaming body will
juglle the enemy for up to 3 times.  Once, I accidentally killed my
opponent with that flaming body.  I think it was a bug but the enemy just
kept on juggling and juggling of Kyo's flaming body until he died.  Anyway,
if you used the A button to do the Orochinagi, your lower body will be
immune or invincible to attacks.  If it's the C version, his upper body
will have invincibility.  A good time to use this is after juggling the
enemy with the NanaJuuGo Shiki:  Kai.  That alone will do around 65% to 70%
damage (if it's the SDM).

Japanese Name:  Saihuu Kessen Ougi:  Mushiki
English Name:  Final Showdown Ultimate Technique:  No style
Move command:  QCF, QCF +  A / C
Hits:  5 as a DM,  10+ as a SDM
Quote:  "Korega...  Kusanagi no ken da!!!!"
Translation:  "This is...  The fist of Kusanagi!!!!"

  Kyoholds down his hand, flames emerging from it, then he releases a
HyakuHachi Shiki: Yamibarai.  This Yamibarai explodesint a column of yellow
and orange flames, rising from the ground.  Kyo steps in this column of
flame and emerges on the other side, his body covered with fire that he has
took into him from the explosion of his Yamibarai, punching at the enemy
with a Dokugami, but as he does this, images of him follow for added hits.
In the SDM version, he does the full Dokugami - Tsumi Yomi - Batsu Yomi
plus Oniyaki, thus giving the enemy one helluva pain in the ass.  This is
the best looking move in the entire game (for me).  This move can also be
used as an anti-air attack because the column of flame can also hit for
reasonable damage.  When you're going to use this as an anti-air, you'd
better do it quicker and not before the opponent lands because it is quite
easy to hit Kyo out of it.  But it gives its full potential during close-up
fights.  This is a very good counter move to use against failed attacks.
You can also combo it from a standing C or txo crouching Bs to a crouching
A to make sure.  Even if the opponent blocks this move, he will momentarily
be stunned thus making it safer for Kyo to recover, well, not really.  If
it's only the computer you're up against, you're safe but against a human
opponent....  err, don't even think about it.  If the opponent blocks
everything, this will result in a guard crush.  The DM is quite safe to use
mindlessly but don't even dare do so on  the SDM version.  If you're ever
going to do the SDM version, make sure everything hits by comboing it .

D.  Other moves


Japanese Name:  Hachi Tetsu
English Name:  Forged Iron
Move command:  (when near the enemy) forward or backward +  C
Hits:  1

  Kyo grabs his opponent, then performs a body blow which makes his
opponent fly across the screen.  If you're quite familiar with Japanese
martial arts, it looks similar to the "Onidamari"  (demon silencer) move in
Juujutsu.  Juujutsu is a form of martial arts which was formed looong, long
ago during the wars in the 17th or 18th century.  Juujutsu is also the
origin of Judo and I think Karate, too.  Well, anyway this is just a normal

Japanese Name:  Issetsu Seoi Nage
English Name:  Lone Temple Burden throw
Move command:  (when near the enemy)  forward or backward +  D
Hits:  2

  Kyo grabs his opponent, does a "Seoi Nage" (Burden throw: a move in Judo
where the opponent is carried, or rather supported at the back of the
thrower and slams the opponent to the ground.) then follows up with an
elbow drop.  Does pretty good damage, and it even looks cool.  By the way,
the origin of the Seoi nage is the move called "Ikazuchiguruma" (thunder
wheel) which is also a move in Juujutsu.

-Other moves

Japanese Name:  GeShiki:  Naraku Otoshi
English Name:  Outside style:  Mysterious Drop
Move command:  Jump, then down +  C
Hits:  1

  While Kyo is in the air, Kyo will put his two fists together and strikes
down at the opponent, a.k.a. hammer fist.  This will cause knockdown to the
enemy and you can even combo from it.  Ireally don't know how to use it
wisely.  Maybe good against airborne enemies.  Still needs confirmation.

Japanese Name:  Geshiki:  Goufuu - You
English Name:  Outside style:  Gusty winds - light (* you could also mean
Move command:  forward +  B
Hits:  2

  Kyo performs an axe kick with his right foot/leg which hits twice.  This
is an overhead attack so it must be blocked high.  I think it isn't
interrupatble but someone's been claiming that a move after a standing C -
Goufuu you will actually combo, BUT, it does not register in the rush
meter.  I still don't know about this one.  Maybe the opponent is just too
lazy to block...

Japanese Name:  HachiJuuHachi Shiki
English Name:  Style #88
Move command:  diagonal down, forward +  D
Hits:  2

  Kyo crouches, swings his legs outward, one afte the other thus hitting
twice.  A very good move to use since this is interruptible on the second
hit.  Can also be linked.


A.  Chains / Links

  Here is a short normal moves chain list.  Of course, no special moves are
included.  No need to explain each item for these chains speak for
themselves.  Follow up with the special moves of your choice.

down B  x 2
down B  x 2, down A
down B  x 2, down A, down-forward  D
jump C/D, down B, down A, down-forward  D
jump C/D, standing C / D, down-forward  D
jump C/D, down B, standing C, down-forward  D

  You can't combo into a special move after the following links:

jump C / D, standing C / D, forward B
jump C / D, down B, standing C, forward B
jump C / D, down B, down A, forward B

B.  Combos

  Here's what we're waiting for!  The combos for the ultimate combo machine
- Kyo Kusanagi!

Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Oniyaki (dp+A/C)  <Rush 4>
Jumping C/D, Crouching B, Crouching A, Oniyaki (dp+A/C)  <Rush 4+?>
Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, NueTsumi (qcb+A/C)  <Rush 3>
Jumping C/D, Crouching B, Standing C, Kototsuki-You (hcb+B/D) <Rush 5>
Jumping C/D, Crouching B, Standing C, Aragami (qcf+A ) <Rush 4>
Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Dokugami (qcf+C),TsumiYomi(hcb+C), BatsuYomi
(f+C)<Rush 5>

  These combos can be done anywhere on the screen.  The crouching B before
the standing C can be removed.

Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Aragami (qcf+A), Konokizu (qcf+A), B/D or A/C
<Rush 5>
Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Style 75 (qcf+B,D), Oniyaki (dp+A/C)  <Rush 5>
Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Style 75 (qcf+B,D), Kototsuki-You (hcb+B) <Rush 6>
Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Style 75 (qcf+B,D), R.E.D. Kick (rdp+B ) <Rush 5>
Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Style 75 (qcf+B,D), Nuetsumi (qcb+A/C) <Rush 5>
Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Style 75 (qcf+B,D), qcf+C, hcb+C  <Rush 6>
Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Style 75 (qcf+B,D), (qcf+B,D), Jumping CD <Rush 7>

  These combos have to be done in the corner in order to connect.  YES, you
can connect two NanaJuuGo Shiki-Kais  consecutively.  You need to hit deep
and timing is essential when executing the second NanaJuuGo Shiki-Kai.

Standing C, Aragami (qcf+A), Konokizu (qcf+A/C), Migiriugachi(A/C)or
Nanase(B/D)<Rush 4>
Standing C, Dokugami (qcf+C), TsumiYomi (hcb+C), BatsuYomi (f+C)  <Rush 4>
Standing C, Kototsuki-You (hcb+B/D) <Rush 3>
Standing C, Saishuu Kessen Ougi (qcf,qcf+A/C ) <Rush 8??>
Standing C, Orochinagi (qcb,qcf+A/C)  <Rush 2??>
Standing C, Style 75 (qcf+B,D), Orochinagi (qcb,qcf+A/C)  <Rush 4>
*  For more ground combos, refer to the links section.  Use the links
listed above and connect with the special move of your choice

These are some of Kyo's ground combos.  You can also refer to the links
section.  The last combo listed above when done maxed up will take off
around 70% of the opponents life bar.  Ouch!

Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Style 75 x2 (qcf+B,D, qcf+B), Orochinagi
(qcb,hcf+A/C) <Rush 7>

  This is Kyo's 100% combo.  You have to be maxed up when doing this and
your opponent must be in the corner.  Time the second Style 75 carefully.

Jumping C/D, Standing
C/D,qcf+B,D,Aragami(qcf+A),Dokugami(qcf+C),qcf,qcf+A/C <Rush ??>

  A very high-level combo.  This must be done in the corner.  The Aragami -
Dokugami must be timed properly, if not, you will end up with a Aragami -
Kunokizu instead.  Anyway, this looks pretty.

Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Saishuu Kessen Ougi (qcf,qcf+A/C)  <Rush ??>
Jumping C/D, Crouching B x2, Standing A, Saishuu Kessen Ougi (qcf,qcf+A/C)
<Rush ??>
Jumping C/D, Standing/Crouching C, Orochinagi (qcb,qcf+A/C)  <Rush 3>
Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Style 75 (qcf+B,D),  Orchinagi (qcb, qcf+A/C
hold)  <Rush ??>

  Combos using Kyo's ultimate special moves.  The last combo has to be done
maxed and the opponent shoud be in the corner.  The enemy will juggle off
Kyo's flaming body.  I have also done an unusual thing with this SDM.  I
juggled the enemy to death with Kyo's flaming body.  I think it was just a
bug...  I dunno.  Anyone who can confirm?

Jumping C/D, Crouching C, qcf+B,D, Crouching A, qcf+D,D, Crouching A,
qcf+D,D, Crouching A, etc.

  This is Kyo's infinite.  The crouching A must whiff and then immediately
do the NanaJuuGo Shiki:  Kai to juggle the enemy.  Probably the hardest
infinite in the game.

Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, qcf+B,D, qcf+A, qcf+C, qcf+A, qcf+C, dp+A/C
(Rush ??)

  This is yet to be confirmed but it is said that this is a TOD (Touch of
death).  I mean, this combo does over 50% damage and it makes the opponent
dizzy afterwards, so you could follow up with any death manoeuvre of your


IV.  Strategy

A.  General strategy

  Well, this really depends on the person using Kyo and the mode he's in
but my preference is Advanced mode so all I could say is ---  ATTACK!!  Kyo
is a relatively quick and versatile character.  He always needs to be on
the move.  Confuse your enemies with running, rolling and hopping.
Advanced mode gives you all of these.  Also, the power bar fills up
relatively fast if you keep on attacking with his flamefists.

  Use his flamefists for poking.  They can punish crouching opponents and
they build up the gauge petty quick.  Aragami is also almost safe when
blocked.  Buffer his flamefists with almost anything bufferable for instant
damage or easy tick damage.

  His R.E.D. Kick could also post to be a big threat.  Use this against
Kamikaze jumpers, players who tend to hop a lot.  It is also relatively
impossible to win against a R.E.D. Kick when the opponent is already
airborne.  Use this against a player who is beginning to jump, a player who
is on top of his jump and someone about to land.  I always use the B
version since it is faster and Kyo jumps lower, compared to the D version
which does not even hit a standing opponent.  Though, this was a whole lot
better in KOF96 where it really came out in an instant.  You couldn't see
it coming.

  Kotozuki-You could be a very good counter against whiffed attacks since
it comes out at running speed, and does pretty decent damage.  Even when
this move is blocked it pushes the opponent away and you rarely get
punished.  The safest way to use this is to combo it after a standing C.

  Kyo's Nanajuugoshiki-kai is the life of Kyo's juggle combos.  After a
succesful Nanajuugoshiki, juggle off with another move for extra damage.
You could even do an infinite combo with this(refer above).  Do not use
this alone, it is always safe to combo it after a standing C.

  Both of Kyo's DMs are very useful.  The Saishuukessen-ougi DM could also
be an anti air attack, and it comes out faster than the Orochinagi DM.
Also, use this against whiffed attacks and combo it from a standing C.  You
could also delay the timing of the Orochinagi anytime.

B.  The infamous Kyo Kusanagi "Autoguard"

  What is Autoguard?  Autoguard is a special ability put in some moves
wherin when the move is being executed, it guards other attacks being put
out by the opponent.  It's like hitting two birds with one stone, you block
and attack at the same time.

  Kyo is blessed with autoguard, a thing that should be feared when facing
Kyo and should be thanked when playing Kyo.  Depending on how you use this
ability will greatly affect the outcome of the battle.  Kyo has three moves
that has autoguard:  his Aragami, Dokugami and Oniyaki.  I'm still not
quite sure yet if the "branches" of his initial flamefists also have
autoguard.  Anyway, use his Aragami as often as you can.  It has very good
autoguard, very little lag-time when blocked and you can follow-up with
Kunokizu or Yanosabi.  It even beats the autoguard of Iori's Oniyaki.  Be
careful not to use it that often since the Aragami is vulnerable to low
attacks.  You can also use it as anti air defense.  Time it right so that
the enemy will eat your autoguard and he eats your Aragami.  Though for
anti-air, it's better to use Oniyaki, I think.  Well, for one thing, it
hits twice.  It also cause knockdown and it even advances a little, unlike
Iori's which only goes up.  Again, let the enemy eat the autoguard first
and then the Oniyaki will do the rest.  This is also good against pesky
ground pokers, again because of autoguard.  The Dokugami's autoguard
probably has the lowest priority.  First of all, the move advances Kyo too
much, thus making it easier for opponents to hit him, and I really can't
understand where the autoguard frames are.  I think it's the wind-up (where
Kyo's back is facing the screen) or the moment before he punches.  Use this
ability wisely and you have one heck of a player at your control.

C.  Vs.  computer strategy

  There are four different methods I use to beat the computer:

1.  "Waiting pays off "- technique

  This is probably the easiest and cheesiest way to win against the
computer.  Wait for the opponent to do a move, and during the lag time, put
in a C linked to a special move.  Well, for short, it's playing
defensively.  You can also do a standing C if you feel like it will hit,
then buffer into Kyo's flamefists, Kototsuki-You, Style 75, or his
DMs/SDMs.  Another way to put this is crouch and wait for them to come
near, then pound on B linked to other moves.  Well, if you play Kyo, you
should be offensive, though.  But heck, you're playing against the computer
so it doesn't matter if you're being cheesy, right?

2.  "Ahhhh!!!  Put out the fire!!" - technique

  This is one of my faovourites.  You just repeatedly do his Aragami -
Konokizu - Migiriugachi.  Not only does it tick a decent amount of damage
when blocked, it also builds up the power bar quickly, the opponent will
get confused because sometimes the punch has to be blocked high or low, it
has autoguard, and it causes "guard crush" if you really do it repeatedly.
If the opponent rolls, don't worry!  punish 'em with some crouching B's and
A's and link to a special move.  This works very effectively.  Mix up some
A Oniyakis, too.

3.  "Skydive" - technique

  Here, I roll away from the opponent or backstep or anything just to keep
distance.  Then I run towards them and do a super jump, then combo 'em
hard.  Well, this is not really guaranteed but I think that when your
character is in running motion, the computer will do some sort of attack
and when you jump, the computer's attack will miss and you'll be able to
pummel him during the recovery motion of the move.

4.  "R.E.D. Kick all the way " - technique

  This was in the King of cheezers FAQ put up by Andy Seyoon Park in the
KOFML.  Repeatedly do the B version R.E.D. Kick.  Eventually, the computer
will eat it since it jumps a lot.  If the computer blocks, pound on down
B's or down D's or jump away and do another one.

I have also found specific strategies against some characters...

1.  Vs.  Chizuru Kagura  -  Repeatedly do Kototsuki-You  (HCB + D).  Kyo
will eventually run through Chizuru and her "teleportations" and for some
reason, she does not block this...  RAKUSHOU!!  (Easy victory!!)

2.  Vs.  Iori Yagami - You can fight against Iori in Japan team's ending
when you kill Orochi with Kyo.  Iori is VERY easy.  He always crouches low,
blocking, and that is the perfect target for Kyo's Aragami -
Konokizu-Migiriugachi.  Remember, Kyo's Migiriugachi is an overhead attack,
meaning it must be blocked high.  Iori may block the first two attacks but
he will NOT block the Migirugachi.  Sure, some computer opponents block the
first two low then they shift their guard up or they block the whole thing
standing up.  But again, for some unknown reason, Iori will keep blocking
low.  CHOROIMONDAZE!!! (No problem at all!!!)

*Note- Hey, hey, hey, aren't these guys part of the "God's Caliber Team"?

3.  Vs.  Orochi - One technique that works with every character at the
beginning of the round is to walk up to him and throw him.  Yep, that's
right.  Don't worry, he does not attack at this point.  With Kyo, just poke
around with your Aragami and Dokugami.  When he does that vacuum DM, if you
have one stock, give him an Orochinagi.  If you're inExtra, there's enough
time to charge up and do an Orochinagi.  If you have two stocks, don't
hesitate to use one to max up and then do the Orochinagi.  Voila!  Instant
damage!  Also, avoid running too often.  He can catch you with that "light"
DM of his which does hella lot of damage.  Piece of cake!

Against everyone else, it's up to you on what technique to use.  Anyway,
here's what I think:

Technique # 1 best used against:
Athena, Kensou, Chin, Leona, Andy, Kyo, Mai, Ryo, Robert, Yuri, Mary, Kim,

Technique #2 best used against:
Well, anybody I guess but maybe against Orochi Chris, Choi, Clark, Ralf,
Kyo, Orochi Shermie, Yashiro, Shermie, Goro, Andy, Mai etc.


D.  Vs.  human opponents Strategy

  I could say that Kyo is one of the best one-on-one players in the  game.
I usually play him last against human opponents because Kyo has all the
moves it takes to annihilate any challenger.

  Against turtlers who just sit sround all day charging, waiting for you to

-Pressure with the flamefists, R.E.D. Kick
-Poke a lot with the standing B
-Throw 'em
-Roll around them if you think you can punish them
-Use the forward +B axekick to pressure them

-Don't jump mindlessly.  A hop or a super jump would be better.
-Don't run towards them, well, you can roll anyway if you see their attack.
-Don't lose your temper against your human opponent when they get too
cheesy.  Remember the term "MeiKyoShiSui" (Clear mirror, still water).
Stay cool.

  Against agressive players:

-Take full advantage of the Autoguard you have.  Poke a lot with the Aragami
-Pressure them with the two different "branches" of the Aragami
-Don't hesitate using the Nuetsumi counter when you feel like they're going
to poke or something
-Link your normal moves together.  Two crouching B's - Crouching A -
Special move works pretty                good
-When they tend to jump a lot, again, make use of autoguard.  The Aragami
could also be a very good anti-air defense tool.  Don't forget the A
Oniyaki and R.E.D. Kick since they are also good air defenses.
-Poke a lot with the standing B.
-Run, run, run!  Roll, roll, roll!!  Hop, hop, hop!!!
-Know the character you're up against.  The moves etc.

-Don't get TOO agressive.  Don't use the same techniques over and over
again since they will read your pattern.
-Don't overuse moves which have terrible lag time
-Don't loose your cool.
-Don't  rest!  Charge!!!

E.  Ranges and Zoning

  I don't have much to say here anyomore since I have already stated it
throughout the whole guide.  Almost every special move of Kyo moves him
forward (except Nuetsumi).  When you're pretty far away from your opponent,
close in with B versions of R.E.D. Kicks  and of course, his flame fists.
His standing B is also a lethal weapon.  But I think Kyo is up to his best
when engaged in close combat, say 1 to 1 and a half character sprites away
from his opponent.   Guess what move to use...  Yep, again and again, it's
Aragami which you will have to rely on.


A.  Conclusion

  That's all folks!  I hope that I have encouraged you to use Kyo and to
have helped the Kyo users out there.  If you have any questions, comments
or would like to add anything not listed in this guide, mail me at :


B.  Credits

  This Kyo guide would not have been possible without the following:

-Above evrything else, to God for standing by me and guiding me through
life with the light he has shown me.

-My dear friend Gyselle Punla who has been my inspiration and my motivation.

-Kao Megura ( for the move list and some Japanese names,
also the quotes, win poses, etc.  taken frommm his KOF97 FAQ which can be
found at:

-Chikako Jennifer Ishikawa ( for the whole "About Kyo"
section and some Japanese moves name translations.  DOOMO  ARIGATOO!!!

-EX Andy ( for helping me (and other FAQ authors)
save space by writing the superb KoF Beginner's Reference Guide, what all
KoF'ers should know. Check that and his great Kim Kaphwan guide (not to
mention all the KoF '97 guides you could ever need) at:

-Matt Hall ( who's Shingoooo guide inspired me to make a Kyo
guide.  Also to -m00nrun ( who made that incredible
KOF97 combo FAQ alng with Matt.

-The King of Fighters Mailing List ( for various
information and for getting to know a whole lotta nice guys.  Though it's
on the brink of extinction now...

-Gameshop, the usual place where I go to and play KOF here in the
Philippines.  Also to my KOF buddies over there, if it weren't for you, I
wou;dn't have gotten this good at KOF!

-My mom and dad for making me use the electricity and the interner
connection that they're paying for.  Also for giving me allowance so that I
could play KOF.

-To my sister for making me use her computer and for making me my homepage
which will soon be out.

-To my i-net buddies out there (you know who you are), Derek, Luis, Ayee,
Deeya, Mike, Eric, Viktor, Trisha, Romulo, Nelly, Alden, Jerome, all of you!

-SNK for making the best fighting game ever!!

-Sony for making the playstation and giving me something to do at home

-Tomy the teachers in Japan who taught me Japanese, Mrs. Harada, Mrs.
Sawabe, Mr. Seki.  Thanks!!!

-To my friends back  there in Japan.  Ore no koto wa mada oboetiru no???

-And to you!!

End of Kyo Kusanagi guide vol. 1.0