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                        The King of Fighters '97 Shermie Guide v2.0

By Sie Kensou (
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This guide is to tell you how to use Shermie, the girl (?!) who has long 
hair covering her eyes, and together with some holes on her dress. ;)
Shermie is a throw-base character. Comparing to other grabblers (e.g. Clark, 
Daimon), she is relatively weak, but she can still stand a chance in a vs 
match if used wisely. Most player think that Shermie can only play with her 
command throw -- ShErMiE sPiRaL (cReDiT fOr ThE nAmE: someone in the KOF 
Mailing List). This is not true. Although her gameplay mainly based on that 
throw, she can still trick the enemy with other moves.  So if you really 
like Shermie, and also if you really want to know something about her, try 
to find something out here now.

Also note that the guide is dedicated to the normal Shermie, but not the 
'Orochi Shermie' who blows the electric balls. If you want to know how to 
use the O. Shermie, you can refer to the Orochi Shermie FAQ written by 
`Rimururu ( That FAQ can be found in (case-sensitive).,


1. Introduction
   1.1 How to use this guide
   1.2 Where to get more information
   1.3 Background story of Shermie
       1.3.1 Story of New Face Team
       1.3.2 Profile of Shermie

2. Moves
   2.1 Normal Moves
   2.2 Command Moves
   2.3 Special Moves
   2.4 Desperation Moves

3. Taunt and Winning poses
   3.1 Taunt
   3.2 Winning poses

4. Combos

5. Strategy
   4.1 General Strategy
   4.2 Mind game
   4.3 Meter arrangement
   4.4 Against human opponent

6. Credits

1. Introduction

1.1. How to use this guide

Just read it from the very beginning to the end. This is the best way to 
read this guide. :) In fact you can read from any part you like in any 
order. But note that both chapter 4 and 5 assume that you are already quite 
familiarize with Shermie's moves. So if you are not, you'd better read
chapter 2 first beforhand.

1.2 Where to get more information

You can always find the most update version in the FAQs section in my 
homepage  ( or in this 
direct link 

If you're new to the game, and you don't even know how to play it, you can 
look for the The King of Fighters '97 Beginner's Reference by Andrew Seyoon 
Park. The guide is located at In that guide you may find 
out how to control, some specific modes in the game, and some notations used 
in this guide is also defined.

1.3 Background story of Shermie

    1.3.1 Story of New Face Team

    1.3.2 Profile of Shermie

2. Moves

2.1 Normal Moves

close/far standing A -- interruptable
   total hit(s)    : 1
   where to block  : high/low
   description     : Shermie does a short-ranged slap to the opponent.
   range           : Very short. Only can hit opponent which stand next to  
   when to use     : Only use this when you've nothing else to do. ;p
   special notes   : This move will miss on all crouching enemy.
   usefulness      : *---- (for both)

close/far standing B -- interruptable (first hit only)
   total hit(s)    : 2
   where to block  : high/low
   description     : Shermie do a long-ranged two-hitter kick to the enemy. 
                     First kick is 
                     horizontal, and the second is a bit high-angled. One of 
                     the best choice of her pokes.
   range           : Very long. About 1/6 screen.
   when to use     : Use this to keep the enemy in certain range. This move 
                     is quite a safe poke, and can be used frequently.
   special notes   : Whenever you kick the enemy with this, try to cancel to 
                     ShErMiE sPiRaL.
   usefulness      : ****- (for both)

close standing C -- interruptable
   total hit(s)    : 1
   where to block  : high/low
   description     : Shermie faces to the player, looks upward and opens her 
                     hands to kick the enemy.
   range           : Short.
   when to use     : This is the best choice for setting up a combo in close 
                     combat. Do this when the enemy is quite close to you.
                     But if you're not close enough with your enemy, you'd 
                     better do the crouching C instead.
   special notes   : If you do the close standing C while the enemy is 
                     blocking, try to chain to fw+B (her command move, will 
                     be mentioned later) to keep the enemy in certain range.
   usefulness      : ***--

far standing C -- not interruptable
   total hit(s)    : 1
   where to block  : high/low
   description     : Shermie steps a bit forward, and uses her hand to hit 
                     the enemy.
   range           : Very long. Almost the same as her standing B.
   when to use     : Although the range of this move is good, it is still 
                     not so great as a poke since it has quite long start 
                     up. You can sometimes mix this move with the
                     standing B and the standing CD attack for poking the 
                     enemy, but don't use it too often.
   usefulness      : **---

close/far standing D -- not interruptable
   total hit(s)    : 1
   where to block  : high/low
   description     : Shermie turns around a do a high-angled kick.
   range           : Just OK.
   when to use     : This move is good for anti-air. When you see your enemy 
                     try to jump to you, do this to kick him/her away. But 
                     since this move has quite a long start up, don't use
                     this as anti-airs against hops. In such case, do a 
                     crouching C instead.
                     On the other hand, since this move is high-angled, 
                     don't use this for land-
                     to-land combat (especially close combat).
   special notes   : This move to totally miss on crouching characters.
                     Also, when you're facing Benimaru, Athena, Kensou, Mai, 
                     Kim, Choi and Chris, don't use this as anti-air since 
                     they have air move which can hit you out of the 
                     standing D.
   usefulness      : **---- for (far standing D)
                     *----- for (close standing D)

crouching A -- interruptable

i. Normal Moves

crouching A:
total hit(s) -- 1
interruptable? -- yes
comments -- This is the key which you can mash like crazy when your enemy
   is rolling to you. It is very fast, and bufferable. Also you can
   link this into a standing B.
   P.S. You can also use this to hit Billy out of his low A pokes.
usefulness -- ***

crouching B:
total hit(s) -- 1
interruptable? -- no
comments -- This move has quite a long range, and can hit multiple times
   if your timing is good.
usefulness -- **

crouching C:
total hit(s) -- 1
interruptable? -- yes
comments -- This is her best normal move. It has good range, is a reliable
   anti-air, and best of all its interruptable. So when your enemy try to
   jump to you, just do the crouching C, and then link to ShErMiE sPiRaL
   if you hit the enemy on the ground. Besides, this move is also very
   good for combos. But don't use this as a poke, for it will whiff against
   many crouching characters.
usefulness -- *****

crouching D:
total hit(s) -- 1
interruptable? -- no
comments -- This is a completely USELESS move. Startup is very long, and
   too predictable that your enemy can simply walk to you and do a huge
   combo when you do this move.
usefulness -- (zero)

jump A:
total hit(s) -- 1
interruptable? -- no
comments -- I never use this.
usefulness -- n/a

jump B:
total hit(s) -- 1
interruptable? -- no
comments -- The motions is the same as her close standing D...It has good
   air-to-air priority.
usefulness -- ***

jump C:
total hit(s) -- 1
interruptable? -- no
comments -- This move has good air-to-air priority. It can counter many
   air-to-air move, for example Iori's jump D.
usefulness -- ****

jump D:
total hit(s) -- 1
interruptable? -- no
comments -- This is her best choice of jump-in move which can beat some
   anti-air. It's range is long, and angled down. Also it's easy to do a
   jump in combo with this.
usefulness -- ****

standing CD:
total hit(s) -- 1
interruptable? -- yes
comments -- She'll leave the ground and kick the opponent. Since she leave
   the ground, you can use this to step on the enemy when he tries to 
   sweep you. Try to use this as a poke.
usefulness -- ****

jump CD:
total hit(s) -- 1
interruptable? -- yes
comments -- This is also a good choice of air-to-air attack. Shermie's
   jump CD has the longest range in the game. Also it has very good
   priority. But it isn't useful for air-to-ground attack.
usefulness -- ****

ii. Command Moves

fwd + B:
total hit(s) -- 2
interruptable? -- no
comments -- This is a two part command move. The first hit kicks high,
   and the second hit is an overhead attack. Since it's range is very
   long, you can do this move far away from the enemy and it can still
   But when you use this in a chain combo, it is no longer an overhead but
   become interruptable after the second hit.
usefulness -- ****

iii. Special Moves

ShErMiE sPiRaL
motion: (near opponent) hcf+p
type: command throw
total hit(s) -- none
blockable? -- no
comments -- This is her strongest move (someone also claimed that this is
   the strongest move in the game). It has decent range (can grab enemy
   from 1/6 screen apart) and fine damage (about 10-15%). It can also be
   comboed from any interruptable normal move. Just do this when the
   opponent is in the grabbing range. :) Besides, this is a reliable
   wake up move.
usefulness -- *****

Shermie Shoot
motion: hcf+k
type: running grab
total hit(s) -- none
blockable? -- no
comments -- This is an important move for her mind game (I'll mention this
   later). When doing this move, she'll laugh, and then dash to the enemy
   and grap him. You can use this after your enemy have jumped forward from
   out of air attack range to grab them (because they'll tend to block when
   landing. Good for giving a surprise to the enemy but not for using  
   often since it has short startup and long end-lag.
usefulness -- ***

Shermie Whip
motion: dp+k
type: guard cancel -> grab
total hit(s) -- none
blockable? -- yes
comments -- She'll roll backward and grab the opponent. This move is 
   invincible to air attack and some crouching attack (e.g. Ralf's low C).
   It has nearly no end-lag if blocked, so you can use this move oftenly.
usefulness -- ****

Axel Spin Kick
motion: qcb+k
type: hit-base attack
total hit(s) -- 1
blockable? -- yes
comments -- When doing this move, Shermie will hop to the enemy and then
   give him a kick. Shermie is totally invincible when she's hopping, and
   therefore you can do this move to jump through a fireball and attack.
   If your timing is extremely good, you can even use this move to counter
   other moves apart from fireball. (e.g. You can use this to counter
   Benimaru's dn+D!!)
usefulness -- ****

iv. DMs

Shermie Flash
motion: hcb*2+p
type: command throw
total hit(s) -- none
blockable? -- no
comments -- This is a high damage DM and its range is the same as ShErMiE
   sPiRaL. In the maxium version, Shermie will count 'one...two...three!'
   and then release. Press the buttons rapidly to slow down her counting
   speed (and thus do more damage.)
usefulness -- *****

Shermie Carnival
motion: hcf*2+p
type: command throw
total hit(s) -- none
blockable? no
comments -- This is also a command throw DM. The difference between her
   two DMs is only the motion (and the graphics). Also you don't need to
   mash the key at SDM level.
usefulness -- *****

v. Notes on special moves (provided by Henry Moriarty (Howlin' Mad -H-) )

1. Abbreviation 
Half circles can be abbreviated in this game with Backdown, Forward + 
Attack. This is useful when quick decisions or reactions must be made. 

2. Automatic Spiral or Shoot 
By Pressing B right after doing her Spiral, Shermie can do the Spiral if she
is close to the opponent and if she is out of its range, the Shoot will come 
Very neat at times... 

3. Run & DM 
By doing Forward, Backdown, Forward, Shermie will run at the opponent. 
And when she is close enough to the opponent, hit the C button and she will 
do the Spiral. Of course the button must be hit while the control input is 
still recognized by the game system, but she can dash about half the screen 
before the input fades away. This can also be done with her DM. 

2.2. Combos

[jump D] -> standing C -> fwd + B
[jump D] -> standing C -> ShErMiE sPiRaL
[jump D] -> standing C -> Shermie Whip
*[jump D] -> standing C -> Shermie Flash
*[jump D] -> standing C -> Shermie Carnival
[standing A/crouching A] -> standing B (one hit) -> ShErMiE sPiRaL

P.S. 1. The move in the [bracket] can be ommited.
     2. * indicates that this combo requires one stock.


3.1. General Strategy

OK, first talk about an Extra Mode Shermie. How to play her in Extra Mode?
Just one tip: dodge -> throw. ;p

OK, let's move on to advanced mode.
The general strategy of Shermie is: be defensive. Don't always think that
"Ah, I can just simply walk/jump near my opponent and grab him in order to
win." This is a stupid strategy -- everyone knows that her grab has decent
range, so who will let you to walk to him easily? Another point is that
her normal moves are short ranged compared with other characters, so a close
combat is not good for Shermie.

So how to be defensive with her? My suggestion is to keep in range with
your enemy. Just keep in a range of about two characters width and wait.
Is this turtling? A bit. But since her moves are not good enough for
offensing, just being defensive is a better idea.

i. Facing non-fireball thrower
So, when you keep in range, an enemy without fireball will normally perform
a jump-in combo. At this time, do crouching C (which is your best anti-air)
to beat them away. If you can hit your enemy on the ground, that's great, 
just combo into ShErMiE sPiRaL or fw+b.  If it hit the opponent away, then 
try to do one of these:

1. Hop and do a jump D -> (if hit)crouching C->ShErMiE sPiRaL / (if 
   blocked) Shermie Shoot.
2. Hop and do the ShErMiE sPiRaL without attacking.
3. Shermie Shoot
4. run-in grab
5. Turtle -- just remain crouching there.

The last choice is not recommanded (it will make you a real TURTLE!) if you
still have a lot of time remaining. And for the first four choices, try
to mix them up. Then your enemy has to guess: should they block your
jump-in combo, do low As or Bs to counter your run-in grab/Shermie Shoot,
or do an anti-air to prevent your jump-in throw? This will make your enemy
confuse -- and thus a good chance for you.

The above strategy is very effective, but what if your enemy doesn't jump
to you? In such case, try to give some pressure to him. Poke them by a
standing B or CD. If, after one or two time, your enemy try to roll or jump
to you, repeat the above strategy. And If they tend to be defensive, you can
suddenly do a run-in grab (dash forward -> command throw). Of course, don't
use this oftenly -- or else they can easily counter you by low As or 
low Bs. Just use this for a surprise.

ii. Facing fireball thrower

In case if you are fighting with a fireball thrower, you should change the
strategy 'cause they will throw a fb to you instead of jump to you. Keep
in the ideal range -- Shermie can't do anything with a fb thrower from
a full screen apart. If they keep throwing fireball, do the Axel Spin Kick
to escape from the fireball and kick your enemy. Don't try to jump to
them since most fb throwers have very good anti-air.

Then what to do after the Axel Spin Kick? If you can knock down your enemy
by this, that's great. But if not, try to do Shermie Shoot. You opponent
will be grabbed if they can't anticipate this.

From a close enough distance, you can also roll to your enemy if they throw
a fb. Of course some fbs are not easy to roll through (e.g. Robert's hcf+p)

3.2. Mind Games

As I've mentioned, mind game is essential for Shermie. By mixing up the
Shermie Shoot, Shermie Whip and ShErMiE sPiRaL, you'll have your enemy
trying to guess what you'll do. Especially when you knock down your enemy,
the mind game is very useful. When you knock down your enemy, try to mix
up the followings:

1. jump-in throw (ShErMiE sPiRaL / Shermie Flash / Shermie Carnival) (if you
   think your enemy will block)
2. poke by standing B or CD, and then do the Shermie Shoot or run-in grab
3. close standing C -> fw+B -> Shermie Shoot
4. get close to your opponent, and do the Shermie Whip (if your enemy try
   to do a wake-up move, they'll be grabbed)
5. a run-in grab (if you think your enemy will block)
6. nothing (just sit there and turtle :) ) (do this if you think your enemy
   will do a wake-up uppercut or other laggy wake-up move which could
   counter Shermie Whip)

3.3. Meter Arrangement

(For Advanced Mode player only)
Shermie can't charge up her power meter quickly. So normally you'll have
only one stock in your meter. (The meter will be charged up faster if you
often do the standing C -> fw+B combo.) Then how to use this stock?
If you have a chance to DM grab your enemy, do it. Don't hesitate.
But if you don't have the chance, save it for a counter is also a good

4. Credits

1. The KOF Mailing List <>
   Various of info about KOF there.

2. Reiness <>
   For providing some strategies of Shermie.

3. EX Andy <>
   For providing the strategy "hcf+P". :)
   In fact his Kim guide inspired me.
   The "KOF '97 Kim Kapwhan Player's Guide" can be found at:

4. mOOnrun <> and Matt Hall <>
   For the combos of Shermie taken from their combo faq.
   "The Ultimate King of Fighters '97 Combo FAQ" can be found at:

5. Tony W. <>
   For the corrections of some mistake in the first version.
   Also he provided some strategies.

6. Henry Moriarty (Howlin' Mad -H-) <>
   He provided the some notes on special moves. (See the "Notes
   on special moves" section.)
6. The King of Fighters'97 Graphical Manual
7. SNK Corp.
   For making such a exciting game.

The King of Fighters'97, Robert, 
Athena, Benimaru, Iori, Yashiro,
Shermie and Chris are trademarks
of SNK Corporation, Copyright 1997.

- Sie Kensou <>