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Four player char selection screen?

I just got 4 player working, but I have 2 questions
first, how come I can't transform?
second, can someone tell me what all of the prompts are?
starting at the selection screen
keep pressing circle
2 selection noises in about 1/4 seconds
a pause
selection noise
selection noise
then it starts all over again
okay, 3 questions
thirdly, how do I actually start the fight?

NarutoVsIcihigo asked for clarification:

Could explain a little more esay so i can answer it not sure what your saying

shin_korama97 provided additional details:

basically what I'm asking is, what is the prompt order starting from when you click 4 player and the char selection music starts

shin_korama97 provided additional details:

lol, youtube won't help much
I'm a blind gamer

NarutoVsIcihigo asked for clarification:

What do you mean by the prompt order i just don't get that

shin_korama97 provided additional details:

never mind I got it
could you tell me where ulquiora, allon and yami are?

Accepted Answer

melvinneo answered:

Hmm... Ulqiuorra is at the 4th row, most right, last person... Allon is two people DIRECTLY below Ulqiuorra... and Yammy is the two people to the LEFT of Allon =D Hope this helps =D
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melvinneo answered:

U cant transform... Cauz its lik a Tag battle... U stick with the form... so if you want.. u can choose the transformed form...
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NarutoVsIcihigo answered:

IDK maybe this will help just follow it

Go to like you tube and type in bleach heat the soul7 and find a video there will be 4-P videos maybe that will help

you :)
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