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In game fusion? 6
Is Goku SS4 in this game? 1
Controls? 3
Gogeta? 3
Help with super sayin? 1
Characters??? 1
Why the screen of the game turns black after creating a savegame? 7
Crash? 8
How do I perform a W Blast? 1
how to do the TEAM ATTACKS?? 1
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
How do you do that teleport fight? 0
Backup damages ? 0
Character unlock list? 4
How do we unlock Broly, super buu, gogeta? 2
Questions...? 3
How do u transform in game? 6
Super Saiyan? 4
How do u get broly,bardock ,superbuu and android 18???? 2
Teleportation combo help!!!? 2
Is this game for the PSP GO, or only the regluar PSP? 9

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