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Asked: 4 years ago

Why does nba 2k11 for psp doesn't have the MJ challenges mode?

There is no MJ challenges in the NBA 2k11 psp version. That sucks!

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Who knows? That's a question best put to 2K Sports...

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Because psp system has low sumthing and graphics but pc had higher of that.

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in my opinion, 2K Sports didn't add the MJ challenge mode on psp version because PSP has low graphics or maybe the file is too large to hold on UMD's and for us PSP users to buy the PC/PS3 version to see the MJ challenge mode

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@deathguyz , guess what ? in 2k11 at PS2 MJ Challenge mode ara available to play ..

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Who has 2k11 and wants to play me

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You can still use mj cuz he's in the 90's east team but the bad thing is u can't change him 2 a different team and he's already there no need of the mj challenge

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If you connect to a PPS3 you can get a version of the mj mode.

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