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How do I pass The City of Heraklion?

I cant seem to pass through this stage. When I passed the lava stage and went to the statues where i can move a rock . I dont know where to put that rock or something.

jorpets provided additional details:

Ok. After I passed the part which u have to cross the lava part on the broken lumbers I got to the part where there are 3 statue and a half body statue that can be moved in which I dont know where to put that one and how can I pass the stage I am stucked on that part. Hope this one is understandable. I am playing the normal.


sjalitagtag answered:

I'd recommend that you follow the GOWGOS Faq because it's accurate.
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Wihan_Tan answered:

I want to help you since you post this question. But I can't because I don't understand exactly what point you mean. So I confuse to answer your question.
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Wihan_Tan answered:

Ok.. I know now. Bring the half statue to the north, go to upper chamber. Then go to right side, open the gate. Get down from the upper chamber. Bring the statue to upper chamber through your right hand side. Follow the path until you reach the upper chamber. Don't forget to open 2 hidden chests above in left from upper chamber. After take 2 chests, go down. Push the statue to the south for dropping to lower chamber. You now break the crack floor. Jump down to it. May this clear for you.
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