Question from SetsunaFS_chan

Asked: 4 years ago

The Cheat?

Anyone know the cheat for this game? please tell me.

Accepted Answer

From: vipre07 4 years ago

hard CHEAT: Ai do 2x dmg and player does 1/2 dmg
upgrade CHEAT: Upgrade everything to max
classic CHEAT: Unlock Fourarms
primus CHEAT: Unlock Rath
energy CHEAT: Energy regeneration
cash CHEAT: Add a million DNA cash
health CHEAT: Health regeneration
levels CHEAT: Unlock all levels

Type in the word in the left without the word "CHEAT". The Effect is in the right

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Not yet.

But you could check out its official website for the xbox360 achievements and ps3 trophies.

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