Question from woshiguaikia26

Kofi's finisher?

How to use his second finisher?
1 of his finisher is just face a groggy opponent, but i couldnt figure out his second. :/


JKP1908 answered:

So , there are some superstars such as Rey or Kofi , having two finishing maneuvers in the same position , you got the triangle button for finisher , what i do for the ' other ' finisher is hold the direction buttons and then triangle , you should give it a try . And another thing is , this SvR is flashy but actually got stripped of a lot of finisher and signature moves , i'm kinda enjoying the universe thingy so i'll keep it -.-
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dathsuker answered:

Yes you are correct but i will translate him or the move set go to create a move set and see how to use kofi's 2nd finisher or even tutorial on the match info
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