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John morrison 5 star match?

i using john morrison for under RTWM and that 5 star match i can only get to 3 stars i break chairs and a sludge hammer i dont know how to get a table ladder and other stuff but i m really asking what do i do?

jorgii8 asked for clarification:

first signature him
finisher him
signature him
finisher him
use object then attack him
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!


Kakarot510 answered:

You need to use John Morrison's finishers on the opponent in Undertaker's RTWM. Use his signature move and finishing move on the opponent and you will get the 5 stars requirement. Plus, use and break the outside weapon.
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Cioggy answered:

Well, I used a CAW. But it's pretty difficult w/ a Superstar, since I haven't seen any w/ 2 sigs/finishers. My CAW has 2 sigs and 2 finishers, so it was basically pretty easy.
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pamplonajericho answered:

punch 5X
hit it with sledge hammer
hit it with ladder 5x
go up on the ladder then jump
punch 2X


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