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"Clear all Arcade stages in 4.2 Trax"?

Under the DJ Challenges, there are two challenges, Colorful Beat (No. 5) and Multi Player (No. 6).

I played through 4.2 Trax once to unlock No.5 (I actually played through all songs, both TS and SS) but I somehow haven't unlocked No. 6. Is this a technical glitch?

Accepted Answer

Bigodinho answered:

It's not exactly a glitch. It's a typo, due to some bad translation from korean or something like that. Actually, it was mean to be 'CLEAR ALL ARCADE STAGES IN 6.2 TRAX', not 4.2T.
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Wasabi_Gin answered:

It might mean play every song as in all preexisting songs and unlockable songs.
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