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Asked: 3 years ago

Monster effect and deck help?

Does blackwing vayu the embled of honor's effect activates in yugioh tag force 5 if you use foolish burial and where or which card pack contains blackwing armor master and other blackwing synchros and as well as i need good blackwing deck advice.

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I try to activate the effect but when i got to graveyard it says check cards and not activate effect and that is annoying because my destiny draw card is foolish burial and if the effect wont activate i just lose the match and when my partner crow can activate the effect but not me for some reason

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Partner with Crow and buy his pack. Of course Vayu effect activates in this game. You go to the Graveyard and select "Activate" and choose Vayu. You need to remove Vayu and ONE other BW monster to synchro symmon a BW Synchro

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Crow's pack has all the Blackwing cards
and Vayu's effect is You can remove this card +1 other non Tuner Black wing monster from your graveyard To Special Summon One Blackwing Synchro whose lvl is equal to the 2 monsters removed but its effect is negated
so you might want to make it to where you have a decent supply of blackwings in your deck if you rely on Vayu allot.

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