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Can i do UMD recognition with a custom firmware ? 0
Where can I find Dunames Dark Witch? 0
Where is Mist Valley Soldier ? 0
Am new and confuse? 1
Can I get malefic stardust withouth UMD recognition? 6
Can you get gladiator beasts in this game? 2
Can you obtain the card Miracle Contact? 4
Can you tell me the containings of the booster packs in tag force 5 ? 1
Characters? 1
Dark Hole & T.G. Hyper Librarian? 1
Forbiden and Limited cards, why is it like that..? 2
Grannel, Wisel & Skiel? 3
How can i get these cards? 2
How can i unlock the last 2 booster pack at the store? 1
How can i use cwcheat in the tag force 5? 5
How do I unlock blue eyes white dragon and dark magician? 1
How do I unlock the Super Polymerization Overdrive pack? 1
How do You get obelisk the tormentor? 2
How many synchro fusion cards in this game ? 1
In what booster pack is Stardust shimmer? 1
Is XX-Saber Darksoul in this game? 2
Jaden season 4 deck packs? 1
Lightsworn? 1
Magical Exemplar? 1
Monster effect and deck help? 2
More rental cards? 1
Scarp deck? 2
Trying to get Shogun? 1
Wave-Motion Inferno? 1
What are the cards that if you summon them,IT HAS VIDEOS INCLUDED....WHAT?? 1
What booster is Prior of the Ice Barrier in? 1
What Booster pack should i buy to get D-hero monsters/Cards/Traps/Fusion? 1
What is DAD? 1
What packs conten ice barriers? 1
What Packs Have Koaki Meirus? 1
Where can i find eur save data?? 1
Where can I find formula synchron????? 1
Where can I find Freya, Spirit of Victory? 1
Where can I find Malefic monsters? 1
Where can I find Mirror force, magic cylinder , monster reborn? 1
Where can I find Mischief of the time Goddess? 2
Where can I find neos pack? 1
Where can I find the divine beasts cards? 1
Where can I find these ? 1
Where can i find these? 1
Where can I find toon monsters? 1
Where can I get these cards? 1
Where do I get Royal Decree? 1
Where is SCRAP ARCHFIEND!!?? 2
Which Deck? 1
Which pack contains Guardian Eatos? 2
Which pack have effect veiler in it? 3
Which pack is Witch of the black forest in? 1
Which packs should I buy to obtain solar flare dragon, lava golem and steath bird?? 3
Why can't I get some card packs? 1

Other Help Answers
Can anyone halp me create a save file? 0
Can someone edit a save file for me ? 0
Can't load saved data downloaded from gamefaqs. can any one help? 0
Challenge Requirement Questions? 0
Digital Game Umd recognition? 0
EU Game Saves I have action replay cheats for this game? 0
EU save all cards? 0
EU Saves? 0
How to get all Mp3s and Rate of Accomplishment? 0
How to unlock "Calm Place" song in deck edit menu? 0
How to use action replay codes on psp ? 0
I'd like to know how to access all of the music in this game? 0
Malice Ascendant's effect won't trigger in the Graveyard? 0
US Save Data with All Characters? 0
USA save all cards and no ban list? 0
Why I can't download the data for tag force 4? 0
Anyone Make me a Yusei Deck? 1
Are Nordic Monsters in this game? 4
Are the "dragunity" deck a good one ? 1
are the US version has character duel voice? 1
Ban list? 2
Bonus list? 1
Can Anyone Give Me A Save Data? 1
Can some one post a save data that has all the npc recipes, complete all story mode,etc. 100% tnx :)? 3
Can this game do com vs com duels? 1
Can we find out how much dp we've been spent at the shop ? 1
Can you change yoir name in the game? 4
Can you change your name??? 2
Can you DL a japan save on an american PSP? 2
Card holograms ? 1
Do you think chaos decks are strong? 2
Does anyone have a game save that includes ONLY Max Dp? 1
Does Tag Force 5 has the following? 5
Does this game have the following? 2
Does UDM recognize cards are included in all cards X99 in games saved category?? 1
Dradunity Deck? 1
Earthbound Gods And Rex Godwin DarkSigner? 2
Edited my last question- need a deck badly(any deck)? 2
Eu code PLZ? 1
EU save file? 2
EU save game? Come on guys 1
EU Save Please? 1
Europe save data file plz? 1
Fallen angel of roses???? 1
How can i get the six samurai booster pack? 1
How can I put forbidden cards in my deck? 1
How can I unlock the other card packs? 1
How can i use all the forbidden-limited cards in yugioh 5d's tag 5? 1
How do I increase the progress bar in the Duel Shrine? 1
How do i know what lvl i am? 1
How do i unlock kalin kassler? 2
How do u get mimicry? 1
How do u unlock mimicry? 2
How I get malefic cards ? 2
How to hack the game with cwcheat? 1
How to raise Yusei's heart? 2
Howcould I Update My Ban List ? 1
I have several questions no one has asked yet...? 1
I need the code number of card: (Slifer The Sky Dragon)? 4
I need the full deck list of three gods card deck? 1
Is it possible to get all cards available in this game without...? 1
Is it possible to trade Deck Recipes from one game to another? 1
Is there a way to play your own recipes? 1
Is there an easy way to unlock the pack were gladiator beasts are in ? 1
Kuribon loading??? 2
Please can somebody make a Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tagforce 5 EU save file? 1
Related to Tag Force 4? 1
Save all character! please? 1
Save data? 1
Save With All Chars & Cards? 2
Saved Game Help - European? 6
So whats a good gladiator deck? 1
Someone has a 100% ''USA'' save game file with all the cards and no ban list? 71
Stardust dragon still in graveyard? 2
The game cant Start Can some 1 Help me?? 1
The main charcter? 1
Traditional format? 1
US? Save Data? 1
VoiceAnimation? 1
Were do i get the save file and how do i get it on my psp? 1
What are codes for machine? 2
What is the meaning of R/F? 1
what pack is Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier and Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier in? 2
What trap card is Ushio Trudg use? 1
Whats the purpouse of the Duel Shrine? 3
Where can i find eur save data with full dp? plz help 1
Where can i find Yliasters? 3
Where is yusei? 4
Who are the players you can partner up with? 3
Yugioh Tag Force 5? 1

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