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How do you know when someone is infected


maxblade56 answered:

You'll never know unless you get infected too.
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notmyuser answered:

When they open a LVL40 pruple jeweled chest and find a ice spear +1 insideXD
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XxNeonLimexX answered:

They easiest way to find an infected player is if they're a hacker. People who have caught the infection from a hacker CANNOT infect you (although there have been extremely rare cases where it does happen). You can only be infected from the hacker directly, when the hacker uses Data Sync or you save with a hacker in the same hideout.

Easy ways to point out a hacker are:
- Their Uberhero is using the wrong mask, or they're using a Dark Hero in Uberhero mode.
- They are level 39 with 0 xp.
- The difference between their current xp and level up xp is greater than 8800.
- Ultimate Equipment (The Green Equipment) has any '+' bonus.
- Have max class level at 32+ with less than 50 hours playtime.
- Have impossible to reach levels on their equipment ( Ex: Stagger Axe [G] +255 )

An easy way to test for infection is to play a Versus Mode game. Play a quick match in Arena of Valor (Head-On). Any type of VS game will do. After you finish the match, you should get treasure chests equivalent to your character's level. If you can't receive an item as high as the chest's level after numerous chests, you may be infected.

You should be concerned if the highest '+' bonus you ever get from a level 32 chest is +20. That means you're infected (or locked) at level 20. Unique and Super Unique equipment are also locked, but at a much lower level.

I could tell you from personal experience that I was infected at level 9 and I cured it just about a month ago (and I've been playing while infected for about 1.5 years without knowing) and I've lived with having +5 as the highest level for all unique/super unique equipment. If you know you have the infection, I highly suggest you cure it.
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