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Item Location Help Answers
Can anyone give me a eu hacked save (i already beat the game)? 2
Forge weapon or armor? 4
Help help Flame sea staff? 2
How do I get items with a Rare special ability? 3
How do i level up smithery? 2
How do i use holymist staff? 3
How do you get a howitzer or a laser for the cannogabang? 5
How to use wallpaper or statues in hideout? 2
Infected? 3
Infection!?! 2
Is the Gong Statue real????? Where can I find it??? 4
Is the Jeweled Chest and the Orange Jeweled chests alike? 2
Meden Mart? 6
No more jeweled cheasts? 2
Not infected but no high + weapon? 1
Oohoroc weapon? 1
Ravenous: Duel of Fate reward? 6
Special Orange Box from the Smithery..? 3
The second summon? 2
Tondenga item? 4
Unique / super unique item drop level? 2
What is the best weapon for Grenburr? 9
Where can I farm +20 and above items? 2
Where can I find (Bacteon Greatshield.)? 3
Where can I find (CHARIOT OF LIGHT)? 1
Where can I find (CRONO RIGERS)? 4
Where can I find (CRONO RIGGS )? 1
Where can I find (jewelsword staff)? 1
Where can I find (Maelstrom Scepter)? 2
Where can I find (Palkyria's flight please HELP?? 2
Where can I find (Poseipon's Trident PLEASE HELP)? 2
Where can I find (yin yang spear)? 4
Where can I find Adamanite Shield, Thor and Chrono Riggers? 2
Where can I find all of the Dark Heros' weapons? 2
Where can I find Dokaknel's Fang spear and Yin Yang Spear? 4
Where can i find keys??? 2
Where can I find lots of rare Howitzer? 2
Where can I find most powerful spear? 10
Where can I find sl and the other rare enchantments? 1
Where can I find the 2nd Summon? 4
Where can I find the 4th summon? 3
Where can I find thunderstorm staff? 4
Where can I find Ultimate Weapons? 2
Which of this is stronger? 5
Why does the items i get from lvl 29 jewel/ gold chest are only up to +9?? 4
?Hoshipon Shop? 1
Am I infected...? :( 1
Any body have a level 4 blacksmith? 1
ArcItem and Blacksmith? 1
Cannogabang weapon ?? 1
Chaka Pon song? 2
Each weapon types strongest weapon? 1
Hotwizer or cannon? 2
How can't I upgrade these 'rare' equipment in the Smithery..? 2
How do I earn Star Shards? 2
How do I get a high stagger rate (450%+) without Tondenga ? 1
How do i use summons? 3
How to lvl up the blacksmith? 4
How to upgrade thor's mjollnir's (unique and super unique items ??) 3
I don't get Tategami Sutra even though I finished the "World's First Hoshipon Convention"? 3
Lightning club +212? 4
Not getting my Jewel Box?? 1
Sunsurapon??? 1
Thor Set? 1
Unlocking Silver Hoshipon shop? 1
Upgrading your Equipment..? 2
Were can I find this Weapons???? 1
What are the chances to get +10 for jewel,gold, and iron chests? 1
What chest can I find the venom staff , the Holy Staff and the Sword staff? 1
What do you do with the keys that you receive in the training levels? 2
What does Mithril and Adamantite do? 1
What is the max unique/ super unique levels? 1
What is(grass)? 1
Whats the best weapon for the spear class and where can i get it? 3
Where can I find (defense boosting weapons/armor)? 2
Where can I find (Flame sea staff)? 1
Where can I find (Mono Hoshibo)? 1
Where can I find (Quager)? 1
Where can I find (super cedar)? 2
Where can I find (THOR)? 1
Where can I find all the keys? 2
Where can I find Alldemonium Shield? 2
Where can I find fire weapons ????? 4
Where can I find many jeweled chests? 3
Where can I find Ruby Chest ? 1
Where can I find Stab Master set skill? 2
Where can I find sutras other than the yarigami sutra? 1
Where can I find these items? 3
Where can I find Thor+3? 1
Where can I find wallpapers and statues for cujstomizing my base? 1
Where can I get Palkyra's flight+40 ??? 1
Which class can use Heltopay's Kiss? 3

Level Help Answers
Cannogabang class skills help? 2
Charibassa Help? 4
Depths of Gluttony? 1
Extra Dungeons? 5
How can I get all the job?(archer,black mage,white mage,etc) 1
How can I get supre nova? 2
How can i level Wooyari's two strikes skill faster? 3
How can i unlock (charibasa) ? 2
How do I get past castle of justice? 3
How do I get past Depths of Gluttony Second floor? 4
How do I get past The Archfiend of Tolerance? 2
How do I get past the Final Level? 2
How do I get past the second arena)? 4
How do I get past the second floor in Archfiend of Adamance? 2
How do I get past tomb of tolerance? 2
How do I level up volcano 4 faster & zapper? 2
How do i pass tower of purity with pyokorider ? 2
How do you finish the evilmass of adamance? 1
How to beat Tomb of Tolerance #2?????? 1
Need help in leveling the howitzer skillz?? 1
Need Tips for last level someone help? 4
Patapolis? 2
What level does Jamsch learn the set skill toadstool? 5
What's wrong with Archfiend of Tolerance?? 4
?Carackter Levels-Forms? 1
Can I change Uberhero? 2
Cannon boy, What level can I equip lasers? 1
Help on Racing Alley of Restraint? 2
How can I unlock the third level (after uberhero) on level 21 ? 1
How do I beat the arena of earnestness? 1
How do I get past archfiend of earnestness? 1
How do I get past Final Level Again? 1
How do I get past the Tower of Purity? 1
How do I get past Tomb of Tolerance Floor 1 ? 1
How do I get past Tower of Purity? 1
How do I get past Tower of Purity? details inside 1
How do you get the cannogabang class through the yumipon? 11
How resist fire ? 4
How to level up class skills? 1
More Skill points? 1
Standoffish Sonarchy and the Perilous Mist? 2
What's the max level? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
About Grenburr's attack? 4
ABOUT GRENBURR's set skills ? 2
can I bring other uberheroes to replace my team outside of infracstructure mode? 2
Charibassa(not Uberhero) can still buff or not? 3
Critical Percentage ? 4
Easy way to learn "Flame On"? 3
How can i get oohorc?(Monkey mage) pls help 2
How do i learn myamsar's 4th class skill? 1
How do Welcome Bonuses work? 1
How to do 9999999 damage? 2
How To Level Up Non Uberhero Bowmunk Up To 32? 1
How to unlock Guardira's class skill? 2
How to unlock new Patapons? 4
I just did an infinite shot with Wonderbarapa/Megapon? 2
Is there a fast way to level up from 30 to 40 without going online? 6
Is there any Wondabarappa + Jamsch synergy? 3
Is there anyway to level up to 40 without going online? 4
Jamsch Flame On? 1
Kan for cannogabang? 1
Legendary Savedata pliss? 1
Quick exp? 3
What Are the Set Skills of Myamsar and also the class skills? 2
What do I get when my Oohoroc obtain Darkfire? 1
What is the best strategy for (Leveling up my Hero Grenburr level 12)? 1
What is the best strategy for (leveling up patapon skills)? 1
What is the best strategy for lvling up? 1
What is the best team with grenburr uberhero? 5
What is the best way on learning charibasa's chariot attack class skill? 2
What's the best set skill combination for myamsar? 2
Where do you get the summon? 4
Where is the easy way to obtain Palkyria Spear? 1
Where to level up after level 29/32? 3
Which is better, Cannogabang or Jamsch? Or both? 2
Which is better? 4
Which uberhero is better to use? cannogabang, jamsch or oohoroc? 1
Why choose Grenburr? 8
Best versus class? 1
Cannogabang weapon type? 1
Does peerless monkey apply to party or uberhero only? 1
Easy way to level up Piekron? 1
Haw do you unlock Kanokko class(not hero version?) 1
Help me please? 2
How can I level up my soldiers from lv32 to lv33 ? 1
How did you get the music option? 1
How do I change the formation of my patapons? HELP! 1
How do I time the button presses for the summon command? 2
How do you use Yumiyacha(the archer uberhero)? 1
How to add new army (patapon)? 2
How to get the max point on summoning? 1
If i choose a classes at the start as my uberhero, can I switch between them? or am i limited? 2
Is it possible to equip shoulderguards to grenburr when he levels up? 1
Party Help..? 1
What buttons should I press during the summon? 1
What is the best spear class? 12
What is the best strategy for Castle of Justice? 1
What is the best strategy for leveling up Taterazay's Class Skill ? 1
What is the best strategy for the archfiend of earestness (level 2)? 1
What is the most efficient method to train class skills? 2
What so great about greatsword class?? 2
What's the BEST class skill combinations for the Uber Charibasa? 1
Where can I find rare treasure? 2
Which?? 2
Who is better Tondenga or Grenburr? 2
Who is the best? Yarida? Yumiyacha? or taterazay 1
Wooyari While Rain Skill? 1

Technical Help Answers
Can i infect others this way? 1
Can someone tell that I'm get infected with this reasons? 1
Can't load games? 1
Cant see friend at ad hoc party? 1
Charibassa, Yaripon Spirit bug? 1
error + Item???? 1
Freeze on loading screen? 3
How can i play multiplayer????? 2
How can I tell if im infected? 2
How to convert patapon 3 US to EU? 1
How to transfer Save File from Vita to PSP, then back to Vita again? 2
How to unlock mission?? ,., pls answer me pls ,., 2
Infected questions? 2
Is it possible to convert US save to EU save? 1
Is my Save File Infected? 2
Mission pack 1 problems? 1
Multiplayer Sync Issues? 1
Not much people in Asian Psn? 1
Save File Gone?!?!! 1
Transfer save game or not? 10
What are some of the most effective methods to test for infection? 1
What is needed to run patapon 3?what version? 1
When I play the Patapon 3 the black screen appeared pls help me tnx? 4
Who help me? 1
Why can't I play infastructure?? 1
Why can't i play VS with my brother ? 2
Why do I get the most points when in summoning? 2
Why do I save on another save game other than the original? 2
Why do the drums beat twice when I hit them? 2
Why does Damage+ not work on my UH? 1
Why does the game is freezing when i play dark hero mode? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (8055030C)? 3
Will DLC quests premmiere in EUR accounts? 1
Can i play this on my Vita? 1
Cannot load my save data!! need help please?! 1
Error 8055030c ? 1
Extra saves? 2
Install? 2
Is yellow weapon better than blue than green ? 3
Matching server usage license? 2
Patapon 3 freezes in loading screen after choosing 2nd mission? 4
Uber and Dark Files? 2
Why can't I unlock the myamusa class (The Dual Sword Class/that fox mask)? 1
Why couldn't see anybody in the infrastructure? 2
Why does the game keep falling? 3

Other Help Answers
+15 Unique/Super unique item?? 3
5 Spears ability carry over? 2
Am i bugged? 2
Anybody have EUR save data on Patapon 3? 2
Are the servers still working? 2
Best class for my hero? 5
Can 'patapon 3' saved data be played in 'patapon 3 patched' ?? 1
CAN ANYONE GIVE ME EU SAVE? iv all reddy beat the game 1
Can Bowmunk's Class Skills Effect the Healing Chateau of an ally Pingrek? 1
Can I be infected while playing Offline? 2
Can I get The Princess? 4
Can i have a hacked save? 1
Can I obtain the Spear that Charibasa use in Main theme that colour is yellow? 3
Can pyokorider use shield? 1
Can you help me? 1
Cannasault Backbone 3? 1
Charibasa's Charge? 2
Charibassa or Cannassault? 5
Class up wont work, what do i do? 1
Combination? 1
Dark Hero mode? 2
Dlc codes? 1
Does anybody know of any way somebody can convert a Patapon 3 eur version save data to a usa save? 1
Does anyone want to play online? 2
Does/can anyone have/make a save file? 4
FAQ of this game? 3
Grenburr? 5
How can i change my hair?? 3
How can i get alternate music? 2
How can i play the dark hero mode? 12
How can we know about the class change requirements ? 2
How can you get the game? 3
How come my rank went higher? 1
How do i change the positions of patapons? 3
How do i get Charibasa class? 1
How do I get my Megapon to shoot different things? 5
How do i get robopon? 2
How do i get the Secret treasure at Depths of rage? 3
How do I increase the difficulty? 3
How do I play in multiplayer? 1
How do i use accessories for the hideout in Patapon 3? 1
How does an Uberhero revive? 2
How many Sutras are there? 3
How to add a additional army? 3
How to customize my base? 3
How to fix Installation problem?? 2
How to make a save data on other slot? 2
How to play as Dark Hero? 2
How to use summon? 3
I need Charibassa immediately... How to Obtain Charibassa? 3
Is ALL The 21 Uberheroes Unlockable? 2
Is Patapon 3 the end of the patapon series? 9
Is someone know how to do "Tornado Fire" while using ravenous?(cwcheat) 1
Is There Any Other Set Than Thor? 1
Level 40!? 5
Online vs mode help? 1
Opinion needed!? 3
Question about set skill ??? 1
Savegame please??? 6
So when are the download quest supposta come out? 1
Sprite sheet? 1
Star Shard cwcheat for USA version? 1
Stucked from beginning == ? 1
Summons? 2
This is not a question? 1
Three Question multiplayer? 1
UberHero class trees? 1
Ultimate Weapon Stats? 1
Unlock levels of different Patapons? 2
What am I missing? 1
What are all the dark heros you can save? 2
What can be the best Class if i choose Taterazay as my uberhero? 2
What else can you do in dark hero mode? 2
What is in the other side of the Hideout? 1
What is more better for grenburr (the charge attack or hero mode)? 4
What is the best class for yumiyacha? 4
What is the best group of patapons?? 8
What is the highest level of patapon and weapons you can have??? 4
What is the use of the stamina? 4
What is this "Quest-Download-Worldmap"? 2
What the name of Heroes (Rarepons)???? 11
What's up with the class change? 3
When the EU version is going to release? 2
Where to grind Destrobo skill? 1
Which class of dark hero is the best? 1
Who should I be using for Spear and Shield class? 4
Why wont the save data ive posted Doesnt show? 1
Yaripon spirit on ton? 2
(Does my army will multiply in time?) 3
(How can I pause the game?) 4
About Charibasa Equipment? 1
About grass grinding an uber Tondenga? 1
About Question after The Ending?? 3
About skills? 2
Best place to grind? 2
Boxes limit per quest? 1
Can i add more patapons??? 3
Can I pass the demo data to full game? 2
Can we create additional patapon for the team? 1
Can you create your own hatapon? 1
Can you play quests using dark heroes?? 1
Can you switch you arch item?? 4
Can you trade equipment? 2
Can you transfer Patapon 2 file to Patapon 3? 14
Can you transfer weapons ????? 1
Charibasa problem? HELP ME!!! 2
Class Map? 2
Code help please? 1
Dark Heros?? 1
Do i need myamusa to get grandbull? 1
Do the bosses/levels get harder upon replay? 1
Does charribasa gain more spears? the more you level up yarada? 1
Green Colored Name Equips? 2
Help?Shield Class Tree 1
HeroGate help...? 1
How can I strengthen my Patapon? 1
how could I pass terms ? 4
How did you use the yarigami summon?? 2
How do I obtain a certain class? 1
How do i unlock the option menu? 1
How I can transfer saves game from gamefaqs to my PSP? 1
how to get a Uberhero? 1
How To Get Hoshipon Shop? 3
How to have three types of ending?? 1
How to summon?(right timing) 1
How???????????? 1
I cant open the jeweled chest lv 29 at tomb of tolerance ?? 1
I have some questions? 3
I need a save game with silver hoshipon shop unlock ? 1
Infrastracture Problem?? 1
Is it possible to multiplayer the whole storyline? 1
Is pingrek the only healing class? 1
Is there a way to go on infrastructure mode with a CFW? 1
Is this game officially released? 2
Lvl. up ?? 1
Only plus 5 weapons? 2
Othar Bonuses ?? 1
Patapon 3 code? 1
Questions about Pyokorider? 2
Skill moves-it takes too long...(?) 3
Stackable set skills? 1
Summoning in Multiplayer? 1
The 3 Choices...? 2
This is a stupid question(?) 7
Transfering the Patapon 2 save file ? 1
Uber Hero question? 2
Uberhero Change? 2
Unique question? 1
What are the advantages for transfer patapon2 to 3? 2
What are the differences among this and the previous 2 games? New / improvements 1
What buttons do I press in Fever mode? How do I summon? 5
What does charibbasa do when charging? 3
What happens to Ravenous at the end? 1
What is best team set up for cannogabang? 1
What is Oohoroc? 1
What is the best choice ? 1
What is the best class for Yarida UberHero? 1
What is the maximum level of the rarepons.? 1
What level dose chairbasa look different? 6
What level.. is canogabbang? 5
What multiplayer dungeons can you complete in single player/solo? 1
What quest should i take so i could level up my Patapons fast and easy? 1
What spear?? 1
What would happen...? 4
When do i beat the game? 1
Where to put these ? 1
Who is better?? 1
Why can't i install? 1
Will I be able to play this on Ad-hoc party on PS3? 1

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