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Best Equipment?

I'm a 2h sword user. What is the best 2H sword weapon and what is the best armor/shield/helm to be paired by it???
any help will be appreciated, thanks...


lsealteam answered:

In 2h swords i recommend to upgrade ur dragoon 2h sword because its easy to upgrade and strong enough..upgrade it 3 times
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lesserJack answered:

I'm still in chapter but I managed to upgrade all proficcieny levels to about 13.

I's say mace has best attak with first battle art but lacks magic card, you can use ultimate card though. I'm most comfortable with light sword and shield.
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dariusx123 answered:

Hi, Im a 1H & Shield User What Is the Best Skill and Best Equipment for me ??? Please Somebody help me..., thx
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totoytaho answered:

i'm a mace user/1st battle art. even you can't equip shield and m.card it doesn't matter, beacuse you can move more quickly. with mace you can easily dodge enemy attack and make a counter easily. i used this weapon in defeating every enemies/boss in each chapter. but still you need to equip your character with useful items and orbs. XD
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Cyberharpie answered:

To answer some of the questions that continued from 2h swords, like Isealteam said the dragoon 2h sword is stronger than the others if upgraded enough.

As for armor, it depends if you want to have slots to equip orbs. For example, I am a mace/sns user. For mace, I use armor with high agility to dodge and maneuver when enemies attack since I can't block. For 2h swords, Axes and Spears, I suggest having armor that boosts agility as well, because they are slow moving. For 1h sns users, I would equip and upgrade the magic cards as soon as possible. Always equip the ultimate card you are comfortable with. If you do not want to be the target all the time, use Takemi card. Other than that, if you are able to get it, use Bahamut for massive damage to all enemies.

For armor, this is basically my build until I upgrade more equipment.

Shield (if using SnS): Bronze shield (I would suggest the ones that have the lowest negative agility attribute).
Head: Dragoon Helm (1 slot)
Body: Fencing Wear Ace (2 slots)
Orbs: Attack Insight and Critical Insight (on body slots), Gatherer (head slot). If you going against a god, I would suggest use the God Mark Orb for the head piece to do extra damage. If you want to have more defense, obtain the God Ward. These two orbs can be obtained after Chapter 5 I believe.

This build has helped me with every weapon due to the agility. If you can obtain higher agility armor, go for it. It gives you a better chance to dodge and block. I hope that helps you all out.
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