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Whats a good easy strategy to beat (Vermilion)?

Im completely stuck. I keep getting killed. He has a ridiculous high defense. Plus the light magic doesnt seem to help at all. I use great gladius with the 4th battle art. I almost had him but when he goes into rage i just get destroyed. Can anyone tell me a better 1 hand sword to use? And i use the warrior armor. Is there better armor?

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Whats a good weapon to use on him?

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shintensai answered:

Oh and dont forget to use your ultimate spell. grendel is a good choice or agni. also, when he summons clones, attack the one who holds a sword in his right hand. he's the real vermilion. this stuns him a bit, allowing free hits
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shintensai answered:

When he goes into rage mode, stand near the circle and block. this allows you to defend even against his teleporting slashes move. try to get as much hits as possible and he should go down soon enough. try equipping god mark orb to increase your damage.
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c00a400ffJTR answered:

yes there is. right now, I'm using this set:

Astral (1h sword)
-Drake Shade Core x 1
- Tempered Iron x 4
- Scaly bone x 1
- Iron Pin x 3
Tyrant armor
- Grendel core x 1
- Tanned Hide x 2
- Thunder Hide x 1
- Leather Fastener x 3

Tyrant Helm
- Grendel Core x 1
- Silver Ore x 1
- Drakeman Helm Bit x 1
- Quartz Dust x 6

Tyrant Shield
- Grendel Core x 1
- Jade Steel x 1

as for defeating him, I defeated him easily when I was on lvl 51? can't seem to remember the exact level. I was using agni card, stunning him is a very great idea because you'll be able to deal a lot of damage.

hope this helps you :DD
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zephyrangel answered:

I think the best card to deal with him is Takemikazuchi, he will aim only orb so you will attack him freely after his attack. bring mana potion and atk+ potion i defeat him in 5 minute ^_^

oh he is god type so bring weapon with god attack type

you will find this easy after you learn it pattern, i don't use recovery item ^_^
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ivan012345 answered:

I,ve got the mission For Vermillion but is that any way i could kill vermillion with a 2HS, sorry if i ask a question in a question
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MrZypher answered:

@zephyrangel what kind of GS do u use for vermillion and he's guardian???
co'z my quest it right now it's very hard to finish it please help me T_T.....
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Tj524 answered:

I just wanna add on to shintensai's answer. When vermillion makes the clones of his self attack the clone that looks different form the others. Ex: different pose or sword in different hand
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slaynreborn answered:

good easy strategy to kill vermilion...

firelance / sniper stance / takemi ultimate card / cardiac brew / giants drink / mana crystals / god curse.

before starting, make sure your mana guage is full.then eat the cardiac brew, giants drink and god curse and enter the battle.

at the start run backwards, once you see him do that motion use the ultimate. he will teleport and smack you but you'll be invincible using the card. now you just click triangle to enter sniper stance. no need to readjust direction since using takemi auto positions your character facing an enemy.

snipe snipe snipe and snipe away. once you are about to run out of takemi's duration click x to exit sniper stance and wait till you're sure the ultimate card wears off. Eat a mana crystal (i am assuming you're fighting the original verm so your mana guage should instantly be full) so use takemi again and finish him. I really doubt he will be able to survive 3 mana crystals worth lolz unless you wasted some on the previous sub bosses. I only ever needed 1 crystal or none since there's one that spawns outside the boss room in the chests....
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MichaelVayne answered:

@ivan012345 : 1st try I use GS that is the second upgrade from bahamut GS and use battle art prayer.when verm teleport use the BA and counter and use agni ulti the first time play the difficult time is to make Your way to verm.don't forget to use god mark and god ward+some potions like god curse etc. He's not that hard :)
Hope this will help :)
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neil60240 answered:

how can i defeat vermillion using -killer robe,Kottus shield, Dragoon slayer, battle art "Nirrti", Takemikazuchi ultimate card, Rumble card, and how can i survive the guardians before him.please can you answer my question....Because i can't.and can you guys give me an advice and what to bring to survive them? please. :)
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