Question from khyng

Where can I find Divine Devil Skull And Divine Devil Eye?

Guys could anyone tell me where to find this items? I know that bahamut drops Devil items but i keep on kill Bahmut Quietus and im getting Magic Devil Meat.

khyng provided additional details:

Where i could find Bahamut Chaos? I all ready finish all the quest its up to quest 79 and i dont see any Bahamut chaos on the quest.. Could plz tell me where to get the quest?


vipre07 answered:

You can only get those specified items if you fight the enhanced version of Bahamut which is "Bahamut Chaos"
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Madaggar answered:

He is available starting from DLC Pack 3, which has only been available in NA for less than a week now. You need to download it from PSN.
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Zpectra1092 answered:

Hey guys, how do you make the dlc work? mine always shows up as corrupted data.
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