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How do I beat Grendel?

How do i beat Grendel? i've tried 3 times now and i just can't defeat him...what do i do?
What equipment should i use? and what level should i be to fight him?
Thanks in advance.

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Also i wanted to ask, is to possible to upgrade, Dragoon Slayer,Dragoon Shield, Dragoon Helm and Dragoon Suit? i really like it.

XDraks provided additional details:

I defeated Grendel! man he was rather easy with 2H lol o_o...
Thanks for the help Madertus!

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Madertus answered:

Dammit, sorry for being rude or sth, I'm having really bad days recently.

Hmmm... try to check your current weapons and their attack bonuses vs. certain monsters - like, let's say, Polearms are strong against Gods but weak against Seabeasts. I think these information are in pafe 3 of your weapon info.

Check the link below for icons' meaning:

About upgrading... better wait until someone translates the WPN tree from JP to ENG. Or until someone aswers you;p OR check the below wiki (JP -> ENG translation by Google, might be hard to understand sometimes): 2Flord_of_arcana%2F
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Madertus answered:

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XDraks answered:

Yes...i've seen that and it helped, but i also want to know which weapon should i make or use, and which armor,helm and orbs should i use as well, there is no need to be rude...or aggressive...
And i also asked if there is a way to upgrade the such equipment i stated in my question.
So, if anyone else could help out, i'd be very glad thanks.
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XDraks answered:

Ah that's okay! it happens to everyone right? ^^

Hmm well i don't strongest weapon right now is Dragoon Slayer.
But i'm kinda of afraid using a 2H sword on Grendel...i'm good with it and all but...i still haven't really learned how to use shadowless prayer...

Alright ok
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