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Asked: 3 years ago

Does anyone elses game freeze?

I've had 3 copies of this game so far...i loved the demo and so i bought the game when it came out...but whenever i'm doing a mission and i open my item menu the game freezes and then about a minute later my system turns off...i've never had this problem with any other game just this one and all 3 copies have done this...any solutions?

Additional details - 3 years ago

i did not use any cheat codes on my game file nor has it been transferred from another memory stick...i played the demo built up my character and never had a problem until I got the full game and transferred my demo character it freezes anytime I open the item menu

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aawww...... is that your own save file...or is it somebody else save...???

i don't have that kind of problem...... ^_^ wait maybe i have.......

So listen carefully....... -_-

the reason why your game freezes during mission and while you opening your item menu....
is because of CWcheats....
theres this cheat thats called max item in hand, storage, bag..... XD

those cheats actually works.... however that will freeze your game when you open the item box during missions.....
another bad thing about this cheat is.....
even if you disable it... it still works.... LOL XD

so if you transfer that saved file to another psp..... the cheat is still there..... and will continue to freeze your game........

however i have a technique to prevent this.... from happening..... when your using that cheat...
if you want to hear about it just inform me......

so i guess your game is ok... but your savefile is pretty messed up.... LOL XD

anywayzzzz.... "have a nice day""" joh-eun halu doeseyo"""" ^_^

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well in that case..... that's pretty screwed up.... XD

i suggest you start a new game..... in your full game.....
delete your previous saved file..... then you create a new one... but this time you create it in your full game.
don't import it from your demo.... "that absolutely work for me..""

i guess you have to start all over again...... -_-

anywayzzzz...... have a nice day"""" XD

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maybe it's because the version of your PSP is not updated. my friend experienced lag on his game but he tried updating it to 6.35 and then the errors were removed

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Yeah dude im on the same boat as you just bought it from online and this never happen to me before and yes i updated my psp every week and it still freezing

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ur problem is u didnt save ur demo data first.

yeah the same happen to me also when I got the game.

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