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Attack skills for melee classes?

I cant get any attack skills for my warrior, valkyrie and archers D: help plz

gary991177 provided additional details:

So do u learn skills by learning them in skill section? i think they all passive D: ( like sword,dracology something like that?)


opfer_gv answered:

Class specific skill can be learned at certain level (usually from 3)
For Finishing moves, you have to rise weapon skill to rank 2 and more.
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Krypt_K answered:

Yes, you learn skills in the skill section.

Skills like draconology, anatomy etc are indeed passive (when they are equiped, they cause more damage to dragons, humans etc) and the extra damage increases with rank. Skills like 1H Sword and Crossbow are passive until rank 2, when they unlock Finishing moves, which can be used for 100+ TP. New finishers are unlocked at rank 2, 4, 6 and 8 and are usually progressively better. Hope this helps.
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iosha811 answered:

For class skill you need to level up your class level to unlock new skills
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