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How to get an Angel Knight/Divine Knight/Lich?

Is getting the Angel Knight and Lich the same as getting them as in the psx version?
How about the Divine Knight? I've heard that it's a new class u can get, but how?

Accepted Answer

ellis123 answered:

To get an Angel Knight/Divine Knight:
Bring Ghost or Skeleton to San Bronsa Ruin - Tower 7th floor.
Use Bloodied Holy Marks and they can turn into Divine Knight.
Or alternatively.. recruit one in that Ruin with Cleric's skill.

You just need to have a strong magician use the Undead Ring in battle. However, there may be a few requirements that Ive missed in order for the transmigration to be successful. Liches can use a variety of powerful spells which include elemental magic, draconic sorcery, and necromancy. Also, female units have their own sprite for this rare but awesome class.

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