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Unit classification?

Can someone help to give a complete list of unit classification?

dragon: all dragon, hydra
beast: cockatrice, griffon
human: all human, hawkmen

some unit and classification still confuse me, like umbra type

truff22 provided additional details:

There is no classiication like Umbra type, divine type and some new system on new remake tactics ogre for PSP there... -,-
We talk about new tactics ogre.. the web you just give to me is the tactics ogre from psx. it's completely different system...

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TrueNanaya answered:

Human (Recruit) - Humans, Winged
Reptile (Coax) - Lizardman, Lamia
Dragons (Tame) - Dragons, Hydra
Beasts (Subdue) - Gryphons, Cockatrices, Cyclops, Octopus
Umbra (Demon's Pact) - Orcs, Gremlins
Phantom (Master Undead) - Ghost, Skeleton
Golem (Control Golem) - Golems
Faerie (Fey Pact) - Faeries
Divine (Seraph's Pact) - Divine
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ellis123 answered:

Yes, here's a website with all of the possible classes:

Choose the one that you want to find more about.
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ellis123 answered:

Umbra is only contains Orcs and Gremlins ( ), divine are angels, and the other units are the exact same.

The reason I gave you the other site was so that you would get the hint that the information was out there if you just searched it up. For example, when searching up your question, I get this page: .
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Krypt_K answered:

Human - Warrior, Archer, Wizard/Enchantress, Cleric, Rune Fencer/Valkyrie, Knight, Terror Knight, Beserker, Swordmaster, Dragoon, Ninja/Kunoichi, Rogue, Fusilier, Beast Tamer, Warlock/Witch, Necromancer, Lord(Denam only), Ranger(Vyce), Priest, Dark Priest, Princess(Catiua), Vartan(Winged), White Knight, Shaman, Wicce(Deneb), Songstress, Buccaneer(Azelstan), Knight Commander(Ozma), Lich, Divine Knight.

Non Human(minus Winged characters) - Hoplite, Juggernaut, Patriarch/Matriarch, Cyclops, Familiar, Golem, Gryphon, Cockatrice, Octopus

Dragons - Thunder, Earth, Arc, Cloud, Flame, Frost, Dark, Flood, Hydra

Hope I got them all
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