Question from Toan_San

Asked: 3 years ago

Level Strategy for Denam?

I want to know the best kind of classes I should level Denam in in order for him to become a fast, nimble Mage Knight kind of character. I want him to be strong enough to take and receive blows, but powerful enough to be a spell caster as well.


Accepted Answer

From: ellis123 3 years ago

Knight, Rune Fencer, Swordmaster, and Lord.

Keeping in mind that your classes level up, not your individual character.

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<strong>fast, nimble Mage Knight</strong>

That fits with the description of the Fencer class. Too bad the generic mage-knight class sucks. You can actually forget about training fencers, they are one of the most useless class in the game.

You cant have everything, pick one first, otherwise he will be good at nothing, mediocre at everything. If you want fast and nimble, ninja and rogue are good classes, if your denam have high dex/agi base stat, if he have highest str base stat, consider berzerker.

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Knight > ninja > berserker > lord

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