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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I recruit Deneb?

Cant find out how to get her in this one.

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From: opfer_gv 3 years ago

Get to chapter 4.
Read the News about Deneb's shop.
Read the News about Huge Explosion in Exter isle.
Get to Vasque village and fight.
Now the fun part.. you need to auction away Dragons (3 each for all 9 kinds - Dragon and Hydra) and buy 5 orbs from Deneb's shop. You can buy orb at any time as long as you meet the numbers.
When you try to going out from shop event will start. Tell her "no, no, what are you talking about?" making mistake here will reset the number you have bought the orb.
Then head to Vasque village again for another fight. After the fight she will join.

If you want to her be in special class, you need to sell 30 Glass Pumpkins as well.

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What are glass pumpkins

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You need 30 glass pumpkins in order to access Deneb's special Wicce class that becomes available when you recruit her. They are rare, but you can find them from certain enemy drops in the palace of the dead.

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Glass pumpkins are dropped by the Umbra Familiars in the Palace of the Dead.

btw, the orbs cost 9000 goth a piece.

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Errr... do we need to sell all of the dragons and hydras once or can we sell it many times?

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You can sell them anywhere, and can sell them in batches.
Just need to buy them all in her shop.


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