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Open Questions

Technical Help Answers
Game Freezes? 3
It will be sell at psn? 2
Other Help Answers
About stat-boosting cards/ food items? 8
Any one know if/when the add ons are coming out ? 1
Book of the dead? 1
Can someone upload an US or European Savegame? 1
Class list? 1
Damaging LIVING units with HEAL? 3
Does anyone else? 1
Does losing a heart effect chaos frame? 1
Does the digital version come with a software manual? 1
Does the loyalty of your own undead drop if they're stilled? 1
Does this still limit you to 3 moves per char? 3
Dragons for Deneb? 3
Easy to reach bottomless pits? 1
Felicia? 1
Glass pumpkins ? 1
Has anyone found "RIng of the Dead / Undead Ring" in the remake? 2
Hey folks, is there a comprehensive list of all the locations, and the flavour text that goes with them? 1
How do you zombify units in tactics ogre? 2
How does the Tarot Cards determine Denam's Level 1 stats? 1
How many floors does the pirate's graveyard have? 2
How to get through certain floors in palace of the dead? 1
How to recuit cressidia? 2
How weapon stats affects char attributes? 3
Hydras ? 1
Is Anyone else having problems with the save games on gamefaqs? 1
Is the songstress usefull later on? 2
Item drop? 1
Iuria first battle ? 1
Japanese version.. need translation? 1
Loyalty change by YOUR choice!? 2
Luck?? 3
Missable? 1
Ninjutsu help? 5
Number Of Lichs Allow? 3
Parrying requirements? 1
Persuade help? 2
Problems with Denab? 1
Recruit skill help? 1
Recruitable Characters? 3
Recruiting rare monsters? 3
Traning help? 1
Vyce's fate on Chapter 3N? 3
What happens if you kill all the people when leonar asks you to? 4
what is CODA? 2
What is the best FAQ for start playing? 1
What is the name of the song played in the Xaebos fight? 1
What weapon is good to give to my lord? 1
Which story routes to take to recruit as many story characters within first run? 2
Why are my units being injured by divine heals? 1
Why is my Terror Knight's magic accuracy so low? 2
Will canopus ever leave your team if his loyalty decreases? 2

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